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Paganini - Moses variations on one string


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Have you heard this piece? It's simply amazing! The main theme is beautiful, and Paganini really shows off the incredible lyrical and resonant qualities of the G string (the whole thing is a sort of violin concerto, but the violin only plays on the G string and does some pretty virtuostic stuff too).

Actually, what do you think of Paganini's music in general?

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I was a pretty big fan of his stuff when I first heard it, but after a while, I became less interested - stylistically, his stuff reminds me a lot of Rossini, though with a more virtuostic twist. Ironically, his more lyrical pieces impress me more than his virtuostic ones (ie, the second movement of his first violin concerto, some of his violin sonatas, etc.) nowadays. I haven't heard the Moses variations though, so I'll give it a shot on Rhapsody if I can find it :).

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Guest cavatina

I love the 3rd movement to the 2nd Violin concerto.... what a masterpiece. I think I was talking about Liszt's transcription for piano a while back - that's an amazing piece as well. I'll look into these variations though, as I haven't heard them and would love to give them a listen. Thanks for bringing it up.

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