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Game Music Dedicated Thread


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Three Three Most Inspiring Video Game Midi (for me):

7-4 [Must Be Listeds :) . . . but not attached :blink: ]

7&6) (I won't attach it, but I have to add this): The Final Battle Themes from Final Fantasy VIII & IX

5) (I won't attach it, but I have to add this): Kuja's Theme from Final Fantasy IX

4) (I won't attach it, but I have to add this): Sleepless City Treno from Final Fantasy IX


3) To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X

This has a very interesting chord progression style that everyone must be familiar with. It is simply excellent.

2) The Castle from Final Fantasy VIII

This is an amazingly melodic and wonderful solo piano piece, which can be found on a website of what I believe is named nobuouematsu.com.

1) Intro Theme to Wild Arms I

A superb song that is unbelievably well organized in an extremely amazing way. It's too bad, I can't find the original--the trumpets in the original really make it sound terrific. Also check out Boomerang Flash's Theme online in this video game as well, which is very melodic and interesting.

Also, The Sims 2 for the PC has extremely well done piano pieces and instrumentals.

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I always wished I could have heard the theme from the town "Lamut" from Betrayal at Krondor (by Jan Paul Moorhead) performed on real instruments (I feel like I mention this game a lot, I guess it holds good memories from the past) . I know it's not an elaborate game theme but rather a loop used in midi form in an old PC game - but I always thought it was a very concise, clever variation on the main theme and pleasurable for listening. I used to go back to lamut during my journeys just to listen to it loop over and over :huh:

The problem is that when I tried to extract the midi from the game once it was all messed up and didn't play like in the game. It was really odd. Otherwise I would have at least tried to play it back with some samples.

Hey, are any of you Jeremy Soule fans?

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