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Game Music Dedicated Thread


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Thread rule: max 3 songs in every post (or it will just become too much to fast)

All game songs are allowed

It would also be nice if you wrote something about the song/s


Well the first song to drop in to this thread will be a special - a game music mix I did many years ago. I found it recently when looking through old computer files. Even if it was one of my early creations it

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AWESOME! I recognized almost all the themes in that compilation. :D

Boo, Boo - only three pieces per post. :D I am gonna have a lot of posts here.

These are three of my all time favorite video game music clips:

This is from the Final Fantasy IV video game. I am not totally sure where you will hear this music. As far as I can remember, you hear it in the Giant that comes out of the volcano about 7/8 of the way through the game. The composer is the legendary Nobuo Uematsu. The music is either tied with Chrono Trigger's as best ever or it 2nd place. I cannot allow it to beat the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. The system that the game is on is SNES. I play this when I was probably like 9 years old or so and I still play it. I still own the game and the system. I love it:


This is from the Chrono Trigger video game. It is so hard to just pick one piece from this game. The music from this game is my favorite of all video games. The composers are Yasunori Mitsuda and, of course, Nobuo Uematsu. This game is also available on the SNES game system. I have play this game since it came out. I love it as well as FF4. I think I have probably play Chrono Trigger like 100 times or more. I still have this game as well. The music comes in 3/4 of the way through the game. In the dark ages you find a portal that transports you up to the sky into a magical kingdom. After having investigated this area you go to the throne room and end up fighting the boss battle here. Then the leader of the kingdom goes down below the ocean into here secret palace. This is a very complicated story line. If you have never played this before you will be lost in what I am saying. Furthermore, you should find it and play it. This is the clip I chose:


This is from the video game Secret of Mana. This is another one of my all time favorites. And, of course, I still have this game as well. I have a hard time chosing just one clip from each game, but I have chosen the one entitled Pure Land. The composer is Hiroki Kikuta. This music is played when you enter a deserted island toward the very end of the game. This island is filled with nasty creatures and is the home of the mana tree. This is the only time it is played in the game. When I heard it the first time I loved it. Then I ran through the volcano/island and I realized I wasn't going to hear it anymore. I was disappointed by this. This music is also debatable as to whether it is the greatest. I do not think it is, but that is just because their are two better than it. If not this would be the greatest video game music ever. I have played this game countless times and thinking of it makes me want to break out the old t.v. and SNES and play all these old games. Pure Land:


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Here come three unusual songs - unusual in the way that I can't find them as midis or mp3 on the internet.

So these songs are pure snes-emulator rips converted to mp3.

I start with Seiken Densetsu 3 - Long Goodbye (Secret of Mana 2): Secret of Mana 2 was never commercially released to America and Europe but some fans translated it to English. And released the game on internet... And now the game has become rather big with many songs available on vgmusic.com. Sadly this song can

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Do you realize that in your first posted piece there are two melodies that have been recycled from the first game? One of them is the one that I posted (the volcano/island melody) and then the other is when you go to a hotel and you fall asleep and you status is restored. They are woven together. Personally, I like them separate the way they are in the first game.

1st melody that comes in on the recycled version:


2nd melody that comes in on the recycled version:


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Personally, I like music from the Zelda series better than FF's, or any other games really, but then again, I've never played the FF games, but only listened to the music. Maybe this has something to do with it? At any rate, Japanese RPGs always seem to have the best music anyway.

Here's a theme from Oracle of Seasons that I love:


It's repetitive, so don't expect development or anything in the MIDI, but the atmosphere it creates somehow strikes me as beautiful.

Same with Song of Storms (a lot of you guys probably have heard this), and this Temple Ruins theme, also from Oracle of Seasons:


And here's an old school overworld theme from Tales of Phantasia:


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Do you realize that in your first posted piece there are two melodies that have been recycled from the first game? One of them is the one that I posted (the volcano/island melody) and then the other is when you go to a hotel and you fall asleep and you status is restored. They are woven together. Personally, I like them separate the way they are in the first game.

Well, it was a long time since I played SoF1, and I just remember a few songs from it. But as I use to say (since this moment ;)) three songs is better then two! But

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Ok, this time I am going to pay tribute to my favorite video game soundtrack of all time: Chrono Trigger. I will post all three from the same game. Oh, what the heck, I am going over the limit and posting five. The composers of this soundtrack are the brilliant masters Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda. The system is SNES or Super Nintendo. The release date for the game was 1995. The release date for the soundtrack was 1996.

1. Chrono Trigger - http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...nes/cttitle.mid

This is the music that plays on the title screen of the game. It is the theme song for the game and for the heroic, off-to-battle sections. I think it is also the theme for the actual character "Chrono". I absolutely love this piece. It is one of my favorites off the soundtrack.

2. Black Omen - http://www.rpgplanet.com/chrono/midi/ct_3-11.mid

This is the music that plays inside the Black Omen. The Black Omen is a floating futuristic mega-city/palace that is owned by the Queen of the magical kingdom called Zeal. She has spent most of her time developing this city so that she can rule the world with Lavos', the apocolyptic demon creature, powers. At first the city was kept undersea and was used to store the power sucked from Lavos by the Mammine Machine. Then, when it gained enough power, it rose high above the surface of the earth so that everyone could see it from any distance in any direction.

3. Frog's Theme - http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...snes/ctfrog.mid

This one is self explanatory. It is the theme for the frog character in the game. It is a very cool, catchy tune. I always get it stuck in my head when I hear it. The frog is a heroic knight type character from the Middle Ages. He is in charge of protecting the royal palace, especially the Queen.

4. Magus - http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...snes/Magus1.mid

The best word to describe this piece is: AWESOME! This music is always associated with the character Magus in some way. I love this one as much as the Chono Trigger piece. The piece is played during the big boss battle at the end of Magus Lair. This is the only major ocassion I can think of that it is played at right now. Anyways, Magus is this sorcerer or whatever from the Middle Ages who has the ability to use "shadow" magic. He is the only person in the known existence that has this ability so he is really supposed to something hard to deal with. Right before you walk into the final battle at Magus's Lair you find Magus summoning Lavos back to the earth. This is crazy because bringing Lavos back to the earth would create chaos and bring on the apocalypse.

5. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...idden_Truth.mid

This music is the accompaniment to the trial of the Middle Ages. The man character, Chrono, is suspected to have kidnapped the King's daughter at the fair. In reality (at least of the game), Chrono has done no such thing. This idea of kidnapping is really all a plot thought up by a false chancellor who has kidnapped the real chancellor and disguised himself as the chancellor. The chancellor persuades that king to believe that Chrono is a criminal. They procede to hold a trial on whether to convict Chrono of the death penalty. This is where the music comes in.

These clips, including the one previously posted, are great examples of how wonderful the music is from this game. I hope you guys like them all. If you have never played the game then you have to find and buy a SNES and the Chrono Trigger cartridge. Even if you are a more modern video game person (one who is used to amazing graphics and motion and stuff) you will love this and hopefully appreciate what an amazing achievement this game was with the technology that was around in 1995. It is kinda amazing how far video games have come in just 10 years, huh. ;) And still it is amazing how none of them are as fun to play and the music is not as good as the old ones!

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Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix (Halo 2) - what can I say? I love all of Marty's work. It's all great to listen to.

You're Not Alone! (Final Fantasy IX) - I also love all of the FF music, and I chose this piece in particular because I've been listening to it frequently in recent times.

Enclosure (Metal Gear Solid) - a fine piece of music from a fantastic series of videogames. It manages to capture the sad emotions exceptionally well.

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One of the other games that has some of my favorite music that I have not mentioned much about yet is Zelda. My particular favorites being Ocorina of Time and A Link to the Past. I would personally chose to listen to A Link to the Past 4 times out of 5, but Ocorina of Time has great music too. I am now thinking that A Licnk to the Past should be put up there with Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy II, and Secret of Mana as having the best video game music of all time. So many of the songs and pieces from this game evoked in me such emotion. It is very funny looking back on all of these songs and remembering exactly what happened and how I reacted when the music came on. Many times I just sat in a specific location so that I could listen to the music! So, I chose to post from A Link to the Past this time around.

The composer of this game soundtrack is Koji Kondo; this is the same guy responsible for the Mario music revolution. The game is played on the SNES system (as are all the best games!).

1. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/Story.mid

This is the Introduction to the entire game. this music plays over the prelude right after the title page. During this time the story precursor appears. This melody also appears in the very beginning of the game when Link is going in search of his father and eventually Zelda. The thing that I remember about this part is that it is raining. I know that is a minor detail, but I always loved the beginning of this game because of the peaceful rain storm. In a way it was peaceful and in another way (when you add the circumstances) it is very frantic and worrisome. :happy:

2. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...s/Castle456.mid

This is the music of Hyrule Castle in the first world. However, in the second world the castle is off bounds; there is no way to get into the castle as it has been taken over by the evil Gannondorf. This music occurs throughout the entire game. The first time you hear it is when you enter the castle through the back route in oreder to save Zelda.

3. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/ninte...s/Sanctuary.mid

This one is one of my favorites just because it sounds so midi like. It is a choral piece that is heard in the sanctuary. I used to just go into this place and sit and listen because I liked it so much. This one brings back the memory of playing this game. It cracks me up. :blush:

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No one here mentionned the FFVI soundtrack! Well, I'd have to say it as my favorite soundtrack by Noubu Eumatsu, just fitting the game like a glove. I suggest listenning to the soundtrack, their all really cool.

Oh, and the worms theme also gets credit. Gotta give my props to El Bjorn Lynne.

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I can't really post links, but my favorite game themes are:

1. Halo theme (both the gregorian monk chantey thing and the orchestral theme)

2. Age of Mythology's theme. It's short but I like it.

3. The theme from Return to Zork, during the intro animation...

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Personally, I think that the ENTIRE Age of Empire series contains some of the best game music.

Particularly Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III, because they were recorded with a live orchestra.

There just so large, lush, and unbelievably complex and epic, and I'm a really huge sucker for huge epic scores ;)

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ONE WINGED ANGEL FFVII!!!!! - I cannot think of a song i love more then this from any video game ive ever played its just sheer genius!

Still More Fighting ( Boss Theme ) FFVII - Is also a very good song i just love it!

Jesters Of The Moon FFIX - Just love It

i could go on listing but that would be against the rules now wouldnt it :blush:

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