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Let's make a piece together!

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I only write for guitar, I think there would be some problems with this idea

If you want the piece to sound a certain way and the other writer wants it a different way, you're going to get alot of argument as to how it should sound.

I would be willing to try this, if I had a program that could export Midi

I only have Finale Notepad and Powertab editor (I can export Midis with Powertab, problem is it's only for guitar and nothing else)

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We actually used to have a forum called Collaborative Works which revolved around this idea, but it was closed due to inactivity. I think deciding an order first might actually work quite well, now that you've mentioned it.

Will be interesting to see where this goes. :laugh:

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You are absolutely no help

If you don't think I'd do a good job then don't let me do it.

And Nico, have you listened to some of my more recent stuff? The puerto rico thing is terrible, but the Caprice in E and Study in Em I am told are better than that. I might actually choose something like a Violin I play that too you know, or Cello.

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Maybe we should have a random mixture of wind, strings, brass etc, and if anyone is not sure about a certain instrument, they can leave it and the next person can fill it in for them? Or correct it if what they have written is not suitable for that instrument. We could all help each other out instead of staying strictly to our own sections.

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If you say you can't write for piano, what's wrong with attempting it in a group composition? You may find that after a little time you can write for piano...

Don't forget that nobody can write for anything unless they do...

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Guest CreationArtist

I think it would be easiest for one instrument.. whichever instrument the majority of us feels comfortable writing for. I think either a Viola, Flute, or Piano piece would sound good as solo's. I can write for anything.. it doesn't matter to me.

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Guest Nickthoven

Nobody can write for guitar? Are you wounded?

E-A-D-G-B-E(in treble, written one octave higher(high E is top space)). Those are the strings from lowest to highest. Every chromatic note above these pitches on each individual string is implemented by one fret each. All of the notes are being held on the different frets by the same hand so big stretches are out.

There. You can now write for guitar.

I'd suggest piano, as it is more universal. And people, always shying away from instruments you can't write for is taking the easy way out, and is not a way to grow as a composer.

P.S. for the sake of the quality of the piece, I strongly suggest we create the main thematic material, the form, the overall mood of the piece FIRST, so it doesn't end up being a piece of crap no pun intended. I've done this before without creating the form and themes ahead of writing, and it loses everyone's interest because the piece just rambles on incessantly without linking material.

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