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Sound Sample Size EWQLSO


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for some reasons the sound samples appear to have a lower size on kontakt 4 than they were on the kompakt player from eastwest which was came with factory. is it supposed to do that?

How do I exactly use the sounds from EWQLSO in Sibelius playback?

Also got some question on key switching.. how do you key switch w/o putting down key switch notes on the score in sibelius? any other methods u can use??

One more question...

Will there be a difference in recording my track if I used Sibelius (along with kontakt plugin) than if I used Cubase?

What are the purpose of Cubase... will need to kontakt with that?


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I did not really understand the first question, so I will skip it.

I'm not sure about using keyswitches withing Sibelius, I cannot think of any other way than to write in the note needed for keyswitch. You could always print out a score first and then add the keyswitches for rendering.

There will be massive difference using cubase (given the fact that you know how to use it). Cubase is a dedicated DAW, while sibelius is just notation software, and is not meant to produce high quality renderings, while cubase is. It's always better to render a piece using DAW, its far more flexible, more tools at your disposal etc...

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