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Help Finale 2010 and Kontakt 3 for layering sampled instruments

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Dear all,

I go to explain my issue. I use Finale 2010 with Kontakt 3 and I use it in Finale 2010 as well as stand alone.

I recorded samples of an harp of a friend of me, note-per-note (each string a sample)

I picked-up two samples of each note:

  • Free string
  • Harmonic

I imported then in Kontakt in two separate groups that I named:

  • Normal
  • Harmonics

Till here everything is ok.

The issue is now: I'm interfacing Kontakt 3 with Finale2010.

But, when I write notes in Finale, Kontakt plays both groups at the same time.

Instead of it should play only the group "Normal" while it must play the group "Harmonics" ONLY when I select the harmonic shape in Finale.

What do I have to do please?

I tell you immediately that: if these things are depending from scripts, i'm not able to realize any script in Kontakt at the present time.

Could you help me please?

Thank you very much

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I know a lot about engraving with Finale but I don't typically tweak my files for playback (I'd probably use a DAW if I did). However, I didn't realize that Finale 2010 came with the Kontakt Player. I thought it came with the ARIA Player. Have you tried using that instead?

I don't use ARIA because I'm familiar with Kontakt so that I'm using intensively that.

If I have to use something else, I need again time for training and this plays against my needs in this moment.

I have installed the .dll of Kontakt3 in Finale 2010 and it works fine. But, as I said, I need to understand how to make play it the layers I need for instruments that I created.

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