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Need Help Creating 9/4 Latin Groove!

Rare Pickle

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Hi everyone!

I am working on an arrangement for jazz band that is almost entirely in 9/8 or 9/4. As with most latin charts, this arrangement will rely on a solid percussion groove. However I don't know a whole lot about latin rhythms apart from what I picked up by watching our high school jazz drummer, and on top of that, I can't find any examples of 9/8 latin to build off of.

I was hoping there might be an expert here who knows of any musical examples that apply to what I'm trying to do, or who can give me some much-needed advice!

Attached is my attempt at my 9/4 latin groove, with the option of two different bass drum parts: drum sample 2.pdf

In the above drum pattern, I am trying to accommodate for two different beat divisions, which fit two different bass guitar lines at different parts of the song:

1) 9/8 + 9/8 or 3-2-2-2 + 3-2-2-2

2) 7/8 + 7/8 + 2/4 or 3-2-2 + 3-2-2 + 2-2

Since I don't really know exactly what I'm doing, I would appreciate any comments/suggestions. If you need more detail into what I'm aiming for please let me know.


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Well I don't know exactly which Latin style you want, the time signature is not that large, beat phrase usually takes two bars, and is a normal 4/4 just the accents are something like 3,3,3,3,2,2 (total or 8+8=16 quavers, in two bars).

3,2,2,2+3,2,2,2 could work, but don't try things like 7/8, I have never heard that, is always 4/4.

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