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Found 34 results

  1. hi, I'm new here in this forum and that's my first publish here. This piece is called "Take it Easy ". it's electronic chill music with piano and saxophone. Tell me what do you think!
  2. Jazz Experiment #1

    Hey guys. Yesterday I thought about composing something new (because I never made a jazz track before!) and I did this, completely in FL studio.
  3. With You

    Hi everyone! This is yet another piece from my debut piano album "Ballerina", the piece is called "With You" and I wrote it back in 2014. This piece differs from other pieces on the album by it's structure. It's heavily based on chordal harmonies accompanied by slight melody, it's more of a moody piece I'd say while most of the other pieces are more melodic. Please take a listen and let me know! If anyone would be interested here you can listen/buy my album 💿https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina💿
  4. Winter

    Think snow, vast, white-covered meadows of snow ...
  5. Hey! It's a pretty short improvisation but I hope you will get a kick out of it anyway. ;) https://youtu.be/zZMdt0NM6iA Have a good day! Thank you for watching! :)
  6. Celesta Jazz

    I have no music sheet for this one. I can make one but it might take a while. It was written for a computer game so its quite repetitive. Hope you'll still enjoy it :) Please listen and give your feedback.
  7. Chopsticks

    This piece "came through me" all at once on a sunny afternoon.
  8. Study

    Trying to create a jazzy mood.
  9. Café Suite No. 3

    This is what happens when you have to write daily pieces and you get bored with writing crap. I'm quite proud of this work, even though it may not be conventional in any sense of the word. I hope you enjoy this one!
  10. also some older project, time to continue ! many changes going to take place to figure out a clean line, any feedback is welcome
  11. Here is a solo I made for Charlie Parker's "My Little Suede Shoes."
  12. Hi everyone. After some long months, I finally feel satisfied enough with this piece to share it. It is the second work in a collection of small jazz pieces written for piano. I tried going for a different "feel" with this one than I did with the first one. Feedback is always welcome! (As a bonus, I added a "vintage" sounding mp3 file just for fun. Enjoy!)
  13. Piece: http://picosong.com/pYjG/ Sheet music thus far: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-WkFk0zutrdZVVtM19CaVExcmM This is a composition I am working for school and the piece is inspired by japanese, jazz and other modern piano solo music. I am in the process of writing it and would love an opinion and perhaps a few tips or pointers as to how it is going so far and potential developments later on. I am able to play it on the piano but it will require practice of sorts XD Hope you enjoy!
  14. Train Station

    Hello, I would like to share with you a short piece I composed about the train stations in my country. The first measure right hand is the melody used in the station to alert people that a train is arriving, so that's why it's about a train station I would aprecciate very much your feedback, dont stick too much with the "train station" theme, it's just to give a title to the music!
  15. Let's talk jazz. ---------------------------------- What do you like? Who do you listen to? Need recommendations? Can you dig it? ----------------------------------
  16. The title of this piece is borrowed from the lyrics of Frank Loessers 'My Time of Day'. A song that describes New York Cities atmosphere at 4 o'clock in the morning.
  17. Lazarus: I tried some different things here rhythmically here. Also, I wanted to fuse jazz and concert band together. I'll go back and add a long improv section in here to keep the economy going. Notes The opening misterioso delineates the pain and hunger of Lazarus as the night is storming as he has no food or home. He prays to God of his torment and wishes for food. The all the hope is has to be with his Heavenly Father. He falls asleep and waits for the new day. The pizzicato bass enters, Lazarus is begging for money and food. The rich man (along with other people) ignores him constantly. After this happens repeatedly, the rich man scolds him (as the soaring french horns enters with melody in measure 59.) After the final discourse, the peasant dies (measure 75.) Abraham appears to him (measure 82) and tells him "Welcome home!" The rich man then dies and the dark angels then take him to him to Hell. He finds himself in agony and begs to Abraham for his family to be notified of his transgressions and for cool water from Lazarus(measure 94). Abraham then proclaims ,, WEB. Lazarus rejoices in being in Heaven, falling at the feet of the Lord Almighty, the God of Abraham.
  18. Jazzy in canon

    This is just an attempt to incorporate my studies on canon to a more modern sound. Parts AB are harmonised in a standard way (concert pitch always). Parts A'B' are in canon: A) the trumpet leads and the trombones are in canon at the sixth one in natural and the other in motu contrario. B) trombones in thirds in canonic style at the sixth and octave. Greetings!
  19. No Play, No Gig

    A heavy hitting blues for big band composed in the vein of Thad Jones. I'm playing 3 of the 5 trumpet parts (including lead). The best part is the tenor solo, though; Mike McMullen from Sacramento laid down a killer solo in one take (http://www.csus.edu/music/faculty/mcmullen.html). I'm really proud of this composition of mine and I hope you all enjoy it!
  20. Two Improvisations

    Two improvisations I recorded yesterday. They are contrasting (in my opinion) - let me know what you think! I recommend listening to the "Soft" one first. Soft.MP3 Hard.MP3
  21. I wrote this song precisely last year and arranged it for an orchestra for this website and now here it is in a mellower format, that of a jazz piano arrangement with a brush drum kit. I think it sounds nice overall. I had this song reviewed professionally by a multi award winning songwriter who gave me a B+ for the musical grade so enjoy! As always advice will be appreciated!
  22. Hello! it has been a while since I've posted something on this site. I want to get the ball rolling again so here is a jazz song in AABA form that I have been working on. Now, I feel as though it may be profitable for myself to post the song/arrangement in increments so that I don't rush the song as a whole and can get detailed feedback on all the content in each section (the principle of focus and fragmentation I guess :P) First of all I am going to post the introduction of the song. (Hence this post) I will provide a lead sheet of the melody/harmony for the rest of the song and a score for the current section I am writing. In other words I think I have written the melody and harmony out sufficiently I just need to arrange it with voicings and counterpoint, etc. With regards to this intro I feel as though my first 8 measures of the intro are interesting with the basic but effective counterpoint and the harmony that flows with it. I am going for a sustained intro that doesn't have support of the hypothetical rhythm section. I'm thinking of adding the rhythm section after the intro ends which I feel is typical and effective in jazz arrangements. My gut tells me that in the second half of the intro the texture spaces out more with practically no counterpoint but I feel it maintains its drive through the concerted/block harmonies. I would gladly appreciate comments on the voice-leading as I am still learning/practicing this. Feel free to prove me wrong and tell me things other than what I am thinking about the piece as I would love for this piece to grow into the next "The Shadow of Your Smile" or "Stella by Starlight", etc.
  23. A re-upload of a short piano piece I wrote several months ago. I'm thinking of trying to write more pieces in something like this style. Any comments would be appreciated.
  24. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I last uploaded a composition here (a collection of miniature pieces for flute & piano), but I've had some time and started a new collection of jazz miniatures. This new project is my attempt at trying something new and writing something that isn't clearly influenced by romantic era music. I don't write much jazz, so please let me know what you think of this first piece. Thanks! Jazz Short 1.mp3 Jazz Short 1 - Full Score.pdf