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The Sixth Finger

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This is a serious discussion on the monumental 2nd & 5th form Bach. I think this to be the greatest performance recording & articulation of these two preludes besides the recording from the episode "The Sixth Finger" from the old Twilight Zone series. I tried with this post to imitate it to the best of my abilities with mere midi tech. I did many things to improve an otherwise dull midi presentation anywhere in the internet regarding these two praeludiums. One-though the first measures of the C Minor one are unplayable by human hands though one would simply shift them an octave higher, they are more true to the best effect an octave lower. Two-there is a new one of a kind left hand section near the ending which satisfies an otherwise mere weak section in the original manuscript. Three, there is a tick-tack accentuation in the 1st 16th of every quadratic structure added to give it extra-ordinary effect. Four-The time meters & note values differ from the original around the mid-section oddly, but more effective, & the endind of the 2nd is more simply effective. While the Praeludium in D Major did not require much alteration on my part except for the partially staccato L.H., Incrementation of velocity but still practically possible to play though very difficult, some minor simplifications. I always call the 2nd, "Prelude Of Monarchs" & the 5th, "Flight Of A God" as alternate titles for my own personal pleasure. I provided the MP3 & the pdf not necessarily for performance, but for the purpose of a minor study into these phenomenal works. If anyone has some additional yet substancial knowledge to add regarding these two jewels, please post your findings. Thank you!

Avatar Of Evolution.mp3

Avatar Of Evolution.pdf

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