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How Can I Keep The Chord The Same If The Notes In The Melody Change?


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Reading about harmonizing a melody, I have come across the idea that we don't need to change the chords a lot. One author has even said that a chord may not change for several bars. Another has advocated changing the chords during strong beats. I would like to know how we can stay in the same chord if the notes in the melody are always changing and a chord gives us access to only 3-4 of those notes most of the time? Are we supposed to limit ourselves to these 3-4 notes in the composition of additional parts that accompany the melody? And what about notes in the melody that are out of these 3-4 notes? Are they acceptable?

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what ever you want

If you want to fit in the boring and cliché area I recommend as little change as possible. But to keep things interesting some transitional stuff works. check for example this great series of anayses of Bachs entire WTK book 1. This is a particular interesting vid on the C# min fugue:

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This is a huge topic ... and the advice you got sounds like something from eHow - hopelessly topical to the point of useless. Here are some pieces to provide you with ideas






(very opening and cadences for ideas of how often to change the harmonization)


Samuel Sebatien Wesley


Schoenberg - late



Hope this answers your question

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I've noticed that not every note in the melody has to fit with the chord. I usually just make sure the notes on the strong beat fit with the chord and don't worry about the others. Most of the time you don't even notice that they don't fit. Besides, it's good to make it more interesting.

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