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Spitfire Loegria - Compositions / Demo By Jean-Michel George

Jean-Michel George

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Hi all and greetings from France

Just wanted to share some of my recent compositions with you at :

using Spitfire Audios latest Albion Loegria library. These are "Autumn Stroll" and "Pride at Dawn". I find Loegria very inspiring.

If you are curious, here's the complete list of sound libraries that were used on these songs and instrumental work :

-Spitfire Albion II (on "Autumn Stroll" and "Pride at Dawn")

- EWQL Complete composer's collection (Symphonic Orchestra, Goliath, RA, Silk, Ministry of Rock, Gypsy, Symphonic Choirs and Voices of Passion)

- Native Instruments Komplete 8

- Spectrasonic Trilian

I'd love to have your feedback on some of these tracks. I believe there's a little something out there for everyone so I hope you'll find at least one or two to your liking. Please feel free to comment (positive or negative, it's always useful) and follow me on the SoundCloud if you like what you hear (I update on a weekly basis).

Enjoy !

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Hey, be fair Locrian, that's hardly an opinion ! That's merely saying to other people don't bother going there ... I'm not saying that this is a high-street but how would you feel if someone walked out of your shop and painted "nothing interesting in here" on the window ? If you have any constructive criticism or advice as to how I can improve on my work I'm all ears. That's why I posted here. Otherwise please have the common decency to simply walk on by ... Thanks

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Guest Locrian

Hardly an opinion? Do you know what the definition of opinion is?

And if I had a shop full of trite boring merchandise I think it would be fairly accurate for someone to pain "nothing interesting here" on the window, don't you think?

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