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Challenge: Non-Repeated Chords


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First of all, I don't know if this title "non-repeated chords" is the best way to express this challenge (or to express myself in English :P). Here's the thing: you must write a composition that NEVER repeats the same chord. Notice that the chords should be sufficiently perceptible in the music. For that, you must IDENTIFY the chords on the score (like Bb, F#/A, G9...). Also:

- Inversion of the chords are considered diferent chords (C, C/E, C/G = three different chords).

- Enharmonic chords are considered the SAME chord (F# = Gb).

- The more chords, the best! Try to put as many as you can to enrich your composition^^

- There's no more specification, like instruments or duration, feel free.

Deadline: December 28st (two weeks). I'll probably pick a winner :D

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- The inversions of the chords are given by the bass. So CGEE and CECG are the "same" chord.

- If you're "on a chord", you may explore it with repetitions before going toa new one (although this is not exactly the main goal...). Once you move on, you can't come back to that chord.

- The rule for melody is the same: if you've stated a chord before, it can't be repeated again, nor in melody neither in accompaniment.

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Here is the analysis of the chords. I used a Sibelius plugin to identify them.


Harp Prelude - Full Score.pdf

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