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Geneva Music Competition - Composition Prize 2013

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The Geneva International Music Competition (Concours de Genève) is organizing once again this year a Composition Prize :


- Members of the Jury : Ivan Fedele (Chairman), Toshio Hosokawa, Magnus Lindberg, Philipope Manoury, Isabel Mundry

- Subject of the Competition : work for flute solo and small ensemble of five instruments

- Registration until March 31st 2013


For more information (rules, registration, etc...) check out :  https://www.concoursgeneve.ch/index.php/en/composition-prize/2013/presentation.html

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Finally, and this is a big point: I never enter a competition that requires me to submit my application with a fee. Fran Richards, the extraordinary Vice President & Director of Concert Music at ASCAP, passionately advances this philosophy, and I couldn’t agree with her more. Don’t ever pay to be a part of one of these competitions; they are lucky to be getting an application from you.




from a guy who never won anything, but he doesn't seem to be doing too bad. $107.41 is a high price...

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I was in the final of an orchestral competition a few years back, but as runner-up all I got as a prize was a recording of the performance, a night in a resonable hotel and a lot of free beers from the band.


To be honest, my main concern would be the amount of effort needed to compose a piece for this level of competition.  I'd need to be certain of getting it published or of several performances to make it worthwhile writing even if it didn't win.  Wheras, the next three pieces I'll be working on won't make much money, if any, but will be guarenteed performances and all the experience that comes with them.  I don't write bespoke pieces for competitions these days - I write stuff to get performed.


Whitacre does neglect to mention that competions don't fund themselves without a fee unless there is a public body or some serious philanthropy behind them.  I can only imagine what Magnus Lindberg charges for his adjudication services.

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You should never pay a fee for a composition. Not because of any moral or ethical reasons (although there are plenty of valid arguments for that) but simply because of the sheer volume of competitions out there that do not require it. Why would you pay for a slaw when there are hundreds of women happy to sleep with you for free?

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