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OK! I have made my decision! 

I'm sorry this took so long, I seemed to be stuck in a 3-way tie...

because some of these pieces are a bit difficult, I decided on 4 pieces, one of which will be performed at a benefit concert of new music to raise awareness for teen bullying. 


the 3 pieces that will be recorded are: 


1. Austenite's "Playful Dreams" 

2. Yeo Chow Shern's "the Branyo" 

3. Christian Perrota's "6 melodies" 


and finally, the piece that will be performed in concert (drum roll...) 


Sarastro's "Hortus Conclusis" 


thank you all for participiating! You all were fantastic! I was tremendously pleased with all the works you submitted, and trust me, it was really difficult to narrow it down. Winner, expect your recordings sometime this summer, probably late August, and I will send everyone a very detailed response to their piece, what I liked, what I didn't like, so if you're wondering why you didn't make it (or why you did), you'll figure out soon enough :) 


thanks again everyone! 

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Yay for finally having a live recording!!!! :w00t:


Congrats to Christian Perrota for his refined piece - and to Yeo Chow Shern, for making such a splash right after joining YC :thumbsup: ! You both deserved it.


And of course, congrats to Sarastro for an actual premiere!


BTW, last but not least - Treehugger deserves a huge THANK YOU for this contest! Keep 'em coming!

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I'm delighted to have my work premiered, and if it for such a good and noble cause, then it is the icing of the cake! Let me know if you need parts for the oboe, or there are mistakes or adjustments to be done. And of course, I hope you will accept the dedication of the work.


Congratulations to the composers whose entries have been selected for private recording! Those are indeed attractive pieces and I'm looking forward to hearing them come to life. It must have been hard to choose, because this call for scores has attracted quite a big response from YC members, and the entries display a great variety of styles and genres, and none of them is without merit, charm or interest. 


Thank you, and as Austenite, I hope this will not be your last call for scores. However fun and challenging and a good learning experience the regular YC competitions are, the actual prospect of a recording or public performance can not be beaten as a motivation, and it also helps to write realistic music.


Best wishes!

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Wow, I was really anxious for this result. It will be very nice to have a piece recorded.


Congratulations to all the other competitors, especially to the ones chosen by treehugger.


Thanks too to treehugger for this great opportunity and idea.


(sorry for the delay, I'm in Japan these days and couldn't use a simple PC earlier...)

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Hello everyone, 

so you're probably wondering where your recordings are. I know I'm really late on this, and the reason it took me so long to get back to you was because I needed some time to try to fix the situation, and honestly, I couldn't bear to tell you. So my accompanist bailed out this summer. That, combined with the fact I got a promotion in my job and required like, double the hours, and that my performance of my oboe concerto basically crashed and burned and I started my freshman year at the conservatory, I just couldn't get you guys good recordings on time. Believe me though, I have not forgotten about you and I will not forget! I promise you, you will each get your recordings to you at some point. If all goes well, I may be able to get them done before New Years. I am terribly sorry about all this, I know this is really disappointing and many of you have worked so hard on your compositions. Really, all of you turned in lovely works. 

Again, I give the sincerest of apologies. 

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