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Jazzy Chords Diagrams Problems In Sib7


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Hey, I'm finding quite problematic the handle of chord diagrams when they have parentheses, I'm not sure how did I did it but I could managed sibelius understand the text and automatically create the parentheses and make the additional numbers appear one on top of the other.






For the 2nd chord you see in picture, I just write the 1st chord and when I click outside text object it automatically turns into 2nd, BUT I can't write any chord, it seems to recognize only some chords, for instance I try to turn the Eb7 into Ebm7 and it doesn't work, when I click outside it fails to create parentheses and it remains like text and becomes red.


How can I handle these type of chord diagrams, or create a new style ? anyone uses parentheses with one number on top of other ?



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I think the reason is because a #5 doesn't exist in a minor key, because that's equivalent to the b6 which is naturally part of the scale. If you remove the #5 and replace it with a 13 you might be able to make it work but it really is a dense chord that's difficult to work with. 

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