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Found 12 results

  1. I’d like to hear opinions about what would be the most simple and best way to write (notated) scores for pop / rock bands, classical / jazz ensembles and orchestras and create good audios "at the same time". I would like to record midi-instruments (which could be notated "automatically" when playing) and add on top of it some real instruments (guitars, bass, drums, winds, strings etc.,) which I could notate in the same session, after or before recording. I have Ableton Live 9 and Sibelius 7, but I’d prefer to work only with one program, since I’d like to edit the audio and notated score at the same time, to hear the good sounds and to see the score right away. The purpose is to create “demos” and a scores of my compositions for band members, artists and producers. I’ve heard Logic Pro might be good for this purpose? Experiences? I might not want to buy a new software right now and therefore would like to hear other suggestions as well. Any experiences with Livescore or Musescore (with Ableton)? How about Notion with Studio One? Is Garage band totally out of the picture? What’s the biggest difference between Logic and Garage band? I’ve understood they work in a similar way, so one option could be to use Garage band until upgrading to Logic. Please tell me about your experiences. This might not be the right forum for these questions, so any tips for other forums are useful as well!
  2. After completing my latest composition - Scherzo in C Minor for violin/piano (which I will be uploading shortly), I sent the score and a Sibelius/GPO4 generated MP3 to several reviewers. My favorite response (paraphrasing slightly) was : "This is a great work for kazoo and piano!" I responded by saying that this was an insult to kazoo players everywhere. :) But I got the message. I had been using Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 and had never been happy with the sound except for the piano. As bad as the violin was, another composition for bassoon and clarinet was even worse - I would describe it as a duet for bass and soprano kazoos. After doing a lot of research I finally decided to get EastWest Quantum Leap Solo Violin. I didn't get the piano library since the Garritan piano (and the native Sibelius piano) are both reasonably good and I figured I could mix and match. I also got the Sibelius Sound Set to match from SoundSetProject.com. I was a bit concerned about getting anything from EW given reviews trashing their customer service but I thought it was worth the risk at about $100 plus the sound set. Even though I am a computer expert, I know almost nothing about MIDI. Installation was challenging and I needed help from Sound Set Project (their tech support was outstanding...). Eventually I got it working and mapped the violin to the EW library and the piano to GPO4. The resulting sound was amazingly good generated raw out of Sibelius (I don't have the skills to use a DAW to do sound editing). The violinist that will be premiering the work was also very impressed with the sound, although it is nowhere near at the level she will play it. I would describe it as at an advanced high school violinist level, which is all I was looking for coming directly out of Sibelius. If anyone is curious to hear the difference, I can post links to both versions. I then plunged ahead and purchased the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Standard library (24 bit only) and the matching sound set. This is not cheap - total cost was about $700. I installed the sound libraries (all 117GB worth) last week, which took many hours. Today I installed the sound set and got it working with Sibelius 7. It only took an hour this time since I roughly knew what I was doing. Again, well worth it. The bassoon/clarinet duet actually sounds like a bassoon/clarinet duet - a major step forward! Bottom line - I highly recommend these two sound libraries and by extrapolation, I suspect most of the rest would be a similar quality level. But you may find installation challenging. I had to use a combination of a lot of Internet research to get the EW libraries installed and help with the sound set integration, but the final results made it all worthwhile.
  3. I wonder how much it will cost to someone to digitalize a music score which is handwritten by the composer and to get it on some notation software like Sibelius. I think the price will depend on the pages. Let's say in my case it's a score of 250 pages. Also its a vocal score (SATB and Piano) 1st question: What other parameters should I consider on the price? Like the how many notes per page maybe? or something else? 2nd question: What's the fastest way to make the score (i mean except using only your mouse) 3rd question: Do you know any other notation software better than SIbelius to do this work? 4th question: How much may be the price of this?
  4. Hey guys :D I am new here and I have a question! What is the fastest way to write music? Do you write it with your hand and then copy it on the computer? Or do you instantly write it on a special programme on the computer? Or do you use tablets? I am kind of new here and I was wondering wether you could help me. (at the moment I use Finale, but it takes so long to enter note by note with your mouse) Any kind of help is appreciated! Thank you :D
  5. Hey, I'm finding quite problematic the handle of chord diagrams when they have parentheses, I'm not sure how did I did it but I could managed sibelius understand the text and automatically create the parentheses and make the additional numbers appear one on top of the other. For the 2nd chord you see in picture, I just write the 1st chord and when I click outside text object it automatically turns into 2nd, BUT I can't write any chord, it seems to recognize only some chords, for instance I try to turn the Eb7 into Ebm7 and it doesn't work, when I click outside it fails to create parentheses and it remains like text and becomes red. How can I handle these type of chord diagrams, or create a new style ? anyone uses parentheses with one number on top of other ? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to quickly make a video of the score scrolling past to accompany its playback? I could painstakingly add print-screened pics at appropriate times, but I wonder if there are more elegant ways? I use standard stuff: Sibelius 7, Windows Media Player Apologies if this has been asked before..
  7. Hey YC, Sibelius 6 question: I'm doing an a cappella arrangement, and just for the intro, I have five systems: Sopranos (two staves: soprano 1, soprano 2), Altos (two staves: alto 1, alto 2), Tenors (two staves: tenor 1, tenor 2), Baritone, and Bass. For the rest of the piece, I want a more traditional layout, with four one-staff systems (SATB). What is the best way to do this? I've already done the system breaks. I know that one way to do it is to use the "hide empty staves" tool, but because you can't use that tool in panorama, wouldn't I have to do that for 3 staves on every page? Thanks for your help! jbhartov
  8. I feel like I must be missing something. How can modern notation software still be so useless at accurate, sensible playback of glisses? Is there any setting I can adjust in Sib 6 or Sib 7 (I have both installed -- bought the 7 upgrade but am still primarily working in 6) to make the playback less comical? Thank you.
  9. The title of this topic is self-explanatory. I need Sibelius playing the right notes for demonstration purposes, how do I fix this?
  10. Greetings fellow composers! I would like to find out from you all if anyone here composes by hand. I have always written my compositions by hand and I think it is a far better way of composing for the following reasons: 1. Developing your inner ear and being able to hear the composition in your head 2. Far more freedom in what you can do e.g. Graphic notation, complex polyrhythms 3. It's cheaper 4.I find it quicker. None of the 120 something compositions I have written (I have been composing for almost four years now) were written entirely on Sibelius or Finale or whatever. This post i'm writing isn't saying that notation software is bad, cos I think that they can be great for making parts and scores, but I think that everyone would benefit from using the good old fashioned quill and parchment (or pencil and paper) from time to time.
  11. New NI and UVI/Ultimate Sound Bank Sibelius Sound Sets Available Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Factory Library The Kontakt 5 Factory Library sound set is now available. Some of the features include: Compatibility with Sibelius 5.2.x - 7.x+ Custom instrument staffs Support for drum and percussion loops* Integrated Akkord Guitar* NI Choirs with vowel switching *Officially supported in Sibelius 6.2+ NOTE: At this time Sibelius cannot load sounds automatically in Kontakt 5 Users who purchase the Kontakt 5 Factory Library sound set will receive a FREE copy of the NI Retro Machines MK2 Sibelius sound set. The Kontakt 5 Factory Library sound set is available for US $15. Upgrade pricing is available for Kontakt 4 Factory Library sound set users. Visit the Native Instruments page at the Sound Set Project website for more information. Retro Machines MK2 The NI Retro Machines MK2 sound set is now available. Some of the features include: Compatibility with Sibelius 5.2.x - 7.x+ Custom instrument staffs NOTE: At this time Sibelius cannot load sounds automatically in Kontakt 5 The Retro Machines MK2 sound set is available for US $15. Visit the Native Instruments page at the Sound Set Project website for more information. UVI / Ultimate Sound Bank Ircam Solo Instruments The Ircam Solo Instruments sound set is now available. Some of the features include: Compatibility with Sibelius 5.2.x - 7.x+ Extended Playback dictionary Custom instrument staffs Support for transition sounds The Ircam Solo Instruments sound set is available for US $15. Visit the UVI / Ultimate Sound Bank page at the Sound Set Project website for more information. Best, Jonathan Loving soundsets(at)jonathanloving.com The Sibelius Sound Set Project
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