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Machinima Composer Needed!


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Hi, I'm Cyrup!


Without beating around the.... excuse horrible pun - pixelated bush; I'm the director of a new Machinima series in development, called Legend of the Obsidian Keys (LOK). My crew of 7 and I have basically completely finished filming and creating the first episode... everything except the music/scoring. Unfortunately, we don't have (and can't find) anyone to actually SCORE and create music for the first episode.


Bespoke music is the driving force for this creation, as without it the episode would be below average. We need an original soundtrack that will help bring this project to a higher standard, and really push the limits of a successful Machinima.


If you're interested in helping out, we need a composer!

It should be noted that we can't really offer any payment.

The best we can offer is a large percentage in whatever the series earns, and if anything, a small 'token' cost... as well as the credit accompanying the involvement.


I've created a video that has more information on this which you can watch here:


We also have an incredibly outdated trailer for the series, which you can viewhere.

There's also a forum thread (also outdated) that was created for the project, which you can read here.


LOK is a Minecraft based Machinima, revolving around the events that surround two protagonists after they discover an active portal leading to another dimension. The series also features an (animation) cross over from the Sandbox game Garry's Mod, which is the basis for the 'real word' or current world the protagonists come from.


If you can help, please post below or message me however possible. Thanks!

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Hey, my name is Brandt Bates, and I am an aspiring composer. 


I would love to compose for your videos, but I need to know exactly what kind of music you're wanting. 


I specialize (if you will) in epic orchestral stuff similar to Two Steps from Hell, or Audiomachine.

My main influence is Jeremy Soule, the guy that wrote the Elder Scrolls theme. 


Anyways, my email is brandt.bates@gmail.com. Please email me with some more info about what you need in this project, due dates, if you want me to do it, etc, and I would love to get started. I can also send you some samples of some of my work if you need. 




Sine Cera


Brandt Bates

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Hi there, I'm a little late to the party but if you are still looking I'd be interested in working with you.


My name is Sarah Hsi and I generally lean towards classical inspired soundtracks but have dabbled with techno and pop as well.  I did some work for a video game that did not get past the funding stage and am a huge gamer so if you are looking for someone with a background in gaming for your machinima please consider taking a look at my music portfolio.   


If you are still scouting for the perfect sound feel free to shoot me an email at nocturnaladagio@gmail.com and we can talk further.  I can email you higher quality audio files but you can get an idea of my style at my youtube channel. 

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