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Need Help On My Solo Violin Score

Arash Azadi

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Hi, I just started my first solo violin composition and i have 2 question about the score right now. i showed them in this picture :


  • Does my explanation of how to play like crescendo from "ON-THE BRIDGE" to "BEHIND THE BRIDGE" right ?
  • should i write "Similare" for the same bowing after the 2rd measure ?

Thanks and excuse me for my low English

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As for the bowings, you only need to mark the first few in a piece, to start someone off in the right direction in case they are sight reading, and then any that aren't obvious.  The assumption is down bow, up bow, down bow, up bow, (or the inverse) unless there is a slur linking groups of notes, or the need to reset your bow for a strong accent, or to keep the character the same for multiple grouped sets of notes.  A short note on a upbeat to a measure may be marked to continue as an up bow, when normally the up down sequence would make it a down bow, so that the downbeat of the next measure can have a strong down bow...  that sort of thing.  Where you are marking down bow, down bow, down bow... it is more conventional to just connect the notes with a slur and keep staccato markings to indicate that they should be separated.  No need to mark each note as up or down.  A slur makes it obvious without being so visually fussy.  


Take a look here and see if that gives you some ideas:  http://violinsheetmusic.org/classical/b/beethoven/beethoven-violin-sonata-1-violin.pdf

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