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How Much It Will Cost To Digitalize A Handwritten Score?


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I wonder how much it will cost to someone to digitalize a music score which is handwritten by the composer and to get it on some notation software like Sibelius. I think the price will depend on the pages.
Let's say in my case it's a score of 250 pages. Also its a vocal score (SATB and Piano)


1st question: What other parameters should I consider on the price? Like the how many notes per page maybe? or something else?

2nd question: What's the fastest way to make the score (i mean except using only your mouse)

3rd question: Do you know any other notation software better than SIbelius to do this work?

4th question: How much may be the price of this? 

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Hope this isn't too late:

Minimum union rate for an orchestrator to take your sketch and put it in sibelius (in my case sibelius 7) and engrave it is 60 USD per 4 bars. That's the minimum 'per page rate'. If you hire a non-union, they will charge more than that. Most union orkers will charge more than the minimum anyhow, and they also have to get 10% for royalties etc, which most likely isn't going to apply in your case.

After engraving in a score and all parts in Sibelius, now the orchestral mockup must be made in a DAW (I use cubase) with a sample library (I use primarily Vienna Symphonic Library with some EastWest things here and there). That's going to be negotiable. Professional companies that do midi mockups would charge about 300-500 USD per minute of music. This is the same rate that media music composers charge producers per minute of music. I would charge 60 USD most likely, or another type of rate could be negotiated (ie 3 dollars bar of music where 12 staves or less are used, 6 USD per bar of music where 13 staves or more are used).

I'm not at my work PC right now but I will post some scores, parts, and audio of my work for you to see if you're interested.

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