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Hey friends,


I am building a computer-assisted music composition web environment for creating and sharing algorithmic computer music. This web environment is and will remain free and I'll also provide free tutorials so that anyone can learn how to create algorithmic compositions.


If you want to see a demo (Mozart's musical dice game):



Or if you want to try it yourself:



If you're interested in learning more about algorithmic music, I'm also selling an e-book ($10 usd) to support the development of this software:


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Interesting idea!


What methods are you working on besides the "Wurfelspiel" ?

I'm dabbling a bit with algorithmic composition myself as well, see e.g.



Nice work! Music21 is an awesome library.


I'm integrating toolkits for spectral composition, constraint programming, parrallel motion detectors, genetic algorithms, cellular automatons, etc.


Here are other stuff I've done with it:


Mozart's musical dice game (waltz): http://www.scripthica.com/5708118910566400

first 10,000 digits of pi: http://www.scripthica.com/5680051299287040

Machaut's Ma fin est mon commencement: http://www.scripthica.com/5135440856219648

Riley's IN C: http://www.scripthica.com/5672565171290112


The 'cool' thing about this software, is that you can share algorithms that generate compositions. it's also going to be open source as soon as I finish with phase 1 of the project.

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Cool! My master's thesis are linked to this idea of algorithmic music.


Have you look over David Cope?


Yes! He managed to get some impressive results.


I have paged through some of his books (and own one of his books)

where he explains Emmy and Sarah.

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