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How Do You Justify Composing / What Do You Want Out Of Your Music?

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So give it up already.


If you have to justify your passion, you don't deserve it.


That's so hardcore.


But it's kind of true, isn't it? I don't think it's a matter of deserving anything though, just that if you're so concerned about your motives, you're not concerned enough with being awesome and that just hurts your work. It's fine to philosophize about stuff from time to time and know where your priorities are, but if you want to write music if for no better reason than to just write it, there's nothing wrong with that.


Who said anyone needed a reason to put sounds together and feel smug about it (on the internet?)

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Bah, people waste time with things they aren't competitive with all the time.  Having been on both the hiring, and the being hired, side of the equation, I can tell you, it's often just about showing

For me, the fact that no one else has written this music before I do is good enough a reason.

I guess you want to have it both ways, but the whole "impressing a large audience = justified" is what gets me. Consider that Van Gogh sold only a single painting in his life - Only one! He didn't kee

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