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Please, Some Ancient Mixolydian Choral Music!


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A little googling turned up the Bach 'Fughetta on Dies sind die heil'gen zehn Gebot' if you get desperate and want to throw in some organ.  Apparently Orlando di Lasso's "Stabat Mater" for eight voices from his "Five Latin Hymns" is in Mixolydian.  You could see if someone has put that up on choralwiki.org yet.  Someone seems to be making a project of getting all his works up there, since they are in the public domain.  More and more of his compositions have been turning up over the last year of so.  (:

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I'd also add that this may be a job for a research librarian.  They are trained in the fine art of finding out information.  If there is a music library you can access, so much the better, but just the research desk at your regular library might have a wonderful time hunting down some ideas for you.  Librarians live for questions like this.  

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I found some of these pieces myself before, so I'll be more specific to what I want:


I would like to find some easy-to-sing, one to two parts vocal music in mixolydian mode, as I want to use it with my students at the school where I'm teaching music. As they'll sing it, I can't use an 8-part mass (even though it's beautiful).


So, maybe gregorian chants are the ones I'm looking for...


Thanks again^^

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