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March for Student's Band

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This march was written by me in 2014 for a student's band, but unfortunately, it has never been performed.
The syntax tries to follow the structure of a classical march (with repeats, introduction, trio, etc.).
I'm up to write a better ending for the piece. I think after D.C. al Fine, I should add a dominant 7th svorzando chord in eighth time, also staccato maybe, and end with a tonical chord with glissando (sol-la-ti-do) for the instruments carrying the lead melody.

Recorded with EWQL's Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition. 

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Cute, happy, and fun. Very nice. The section at m. 20 I think had a weird tone in it, in either the dominant or the tonic and I can't really tell, and I could be entirely wrong, but tone wise that was pretty much the only thing I heard.

The ending you propose, if I understand you right, would work, it just needs to be surprising, but also fit enough to carry the melodic work you've done prior.

I just think this could be longer. It's a cool idea I don't think you expand on enough. So far, it seems like an exposition to a longer work. If you have some time, maybe consider expanding? What you have here is pretty good too though!

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