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Found 16 results

  1. An experimental piece. I used galant schemas but used weird chromaticism with diverging lines in places. I dont know if it works but its fun.
  2. Hello there. So I have been working on a band suite dedicated to this year's National Day. There are three movements: A set of variations, a slow movement and a march. The first movement is a set of variations on a well-known Malay folk song Lenggang Kangkung. I have used the melody before for another compositional project in school, and decided to reuse it again for this project. There are 9 sections (I am not sure whether to count the first section as a "variation", since it kind of is), with varying modes such as a scherzando, a fanfare, a solemn march or even a ragtime at the end heavily inspired by Golliwogg Cakewalk. The second movement is more impressionist. The main theme is paraphrased from a National Day Parade Song "Count on Me, Singapore". It's in rondo form, with the contrasting sections taking bits and pieces of other national day songs. The third movement is a march quoting two NDP songs: Stand up for Singapore and Love at First Light. It's in sonata form, with the development section starting off with many keys overlapping one another. I hope you will all enjoy this piece, which is also dedicated to a friend I know online. This is my first band piece, so any feedback, suggestions and criticism are welcome!
  3. Any feedback would be appreciated. I dont know whether the piece works.
  4. A march for flute and cello. Im working on a bigger project at the moment but thought I'd compose something else today.
  5. This is the demo version of a graduation-style march I've been working on. It's designed with the same format style as Pomp and Circumstance, so there are a lot of repeated sections. PLEASE feel free to be give suggestions, criticism, and critiques about it. It's far from done and I would love to know how to make it better! Thanks!
  6. The first draft of a March. I couldn't sleep last night so I composed this in bed on my phone. I borrowed Jorge's theme from his latest piece, the trio for two flutes and bassoon. Definitely check it out if you've not heard it yet.
  7. My first march. Its much harder to compose than a minuet, its going to take a bit of practice. Any tips would be welcome.
  8. This march is totally experimental for me. I have no idea if it sucks. Please be brutally honest otherwise I will never know any better. I would hate to be that guy on X Factor that's convinced he can sing when in reality the guy is simply deluded.
  9. Here is the piano march I composed Roberto Zini - Marcetta Sostenuta I hope you like it.
  10. There was a recent call for scores put out by the Edinburgh University Brass Band for a new concert march, and I'd been looking for an excuse to write something for brass band for a while. The march genre is one I've had quite a lot of experience in as a performer and so the style came fairly easily to me. I haven't submitted this yet, but I probably will fairly soon.
  11. New here :) Here's a piece I did on MuseScore, a march for piano. Curious to know what you guys think, how it might be improved. I am just starting to learn how to sight-read, after years of just messing around on the piano and improvising without reading.
  12. I believe I finally completed this piece, which, based on previous feedback, I think is in the general style of a European folk tune hybridized with a march. Earlier I posted an incomplete version, which you can check here for comparison: Thanks to the people who responded to the incomplete work, for their motivating reactions. Thanks to Rabbival507 for suggesting a "fast section" - a device I have noticed in folk music. I went with it, which kickstarted me again. It's 2 violins, viola, cello, 2 unison double basses (pizzicato only), concert flute, bass flute, nylon string guitar, tambourine, cymbal, snare drum, and bass drum. EDIT: AND TRIANGLE! A dutifully returning main theme is interspersed with a chorus-like secondary theme, and variations and spinoffs on the main theme.
  13. Hello! It has been a long while since I posted here, and whatever little I did post went along with the refresh (???) of this forum. Anyway, here is an unnamed (because I'm bad with names) concert march which I have been working on and off over the past few months. It is written in the Japanese concert march style if you are familiar with it. The marches are typically written for the All-Japan Band Competition as set pieces. They tend to have a slightly different structure and (sometimes almost completely different) feel from the traditional English and American marches. There's no particular inspiration or motivation for this piece - just a short work which I had fun working on in my free time. Admittedly, this isn't exactly a piece which less experienced bands should attempt. If this piece ever gets played at all. Notation may be weird in some places (notes for bari sax are halved in value rather than stacatto-ed, questionable dynamics, no slurs in euphonium part, etc) but that is to achieve better playback quality since the midi (Sibelius Sounds) do mess up at times, so please don't mind them! Do comment on the piece, and I hope you enjoy it. :-)
  14. This march was written by me in 2014 for a student's band, but unfortunately, it has never been performed. The syntax tries to follow the structure of a classical march (with repeats, introduction, trio, etc.). I'm up to write a better ending for the piece. I think after D.C. al Fine, I should add a dominant 7th svorzando chord in eighth time, also staccato maybe, and end with a tonical chord with glissando (sol-la-ti-do) for the instruments carrying the lead melody. Recorded with EWQL's Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition.
  15. So this uploaded this piece a couple of months ago (original in the archives). I have added an another movement, and I think I can say now that this work is pretty complete (barring some minor revisions). Impromptus are collection of short orchestral pieces that I have written (on a whim basically) in the past year and a half. They consist of short movements each with a unique mood and form. The 3rd movement (the Berceuse) was inspired by a theme by Christian Perrotta (I'll link his original theme below). The instrumentation is fairly the same throughout the whole piece. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for listening/commenting! Christian's theme: http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/7827/Tema (Challenge No. 4)
  16. It seems to me that brass in the orchestra is reluctantly used, held back for the big explosion, almost like percussion. Particularly in the romantic era/ nineteenth century (whatever you want to call it). I understand as time has progressed that brass has had its wondrous moments of melodic bliss but they are quite few and far between. Mahlers Funeral March in his 5th symphony is a good example. I'm hoping you guys can prove me wrong by presenting a work (or part of) from any era, could even be one of your own works, that displays a good use of the Brass ensemble. It would be grand if you could explain why as well. I'd probably put this forward as the finest use of the Brass ensemble in a Romantic orchestra- Verdi's Triumphal March from Aida I think this particular march possess' fantastic orchestration for Brass. When the main theme of the march is presented on solo trumpet and is likely accompanied by lower brass you question where Verdi is going to this... he doesn't explode into an array of noise. Instead theres a brief explosion in the orchestra before the theme is repeated. This time by two trumpets. < so subtle but beautifully effected, it portrays the unity that a march should possess. The theme is repeated a third time but the trumpets separate, one possessing the theme and the other the counter-melody. The strings and wind then take over for a brief interlude before the brass re-enter playing what I believe is an earlier theme. Then whats this the trumpets return in a grandioso finish accompanied by the full orchestra. I just think its incredibly effective orchestration and Verdi doesn't lose the effect of the brass when they return at the end. Instead it is probably heightened as we are just waiting for them to return! Anyway... It would be cool to see what any of you find.
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