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Already the Sunlight Fades


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Following in the spirit of Jaap and Daniel, I post a recent work of mine in honor of this place coming back. Here I have a string quartet read by the jack quartet and that was a winner (my first award ever!) of the Ruth and Emil Beyer Award for Composition in the chamber division. I

Watching a sunset is an interesting experience. Because the sun seems less bright, you can essentially stare straight at it without worry of injury. There is a moment of brief excitement when, just before being enveloped in darkness, the sky chances colors from blue to orange, and finally, a mixture of purple and pink. Already the Sunlight Fades is in one movement and uses triptych form to emulate the sun setting, the colors in the sky changing, and the onset of darkness that follow.



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Hey Paul,

Very nice job you've done here, I think is as complex as it needs to be and no more, that's something good. Beginning reminds me Ives' "Central Park in the Dark" nice colors, then the faster part is exciting indeed, the mix of pizz and arco works very well, but in ritartando I would have kept using the arco and not just pizz, but your performers did it very well to decrease all the action that way, I wish I could have real instruments for my recordings, it sounds so good in real life.

Congratulations for your award.

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