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Mouseworks by Mark Styles


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Just when you thought I was getting soft. Here's something with some GRIT...  I named it Mouseworks, cause I was feverously working the Mouse, on my computer, and there was a mouse in the kitchen, bent on doing something bad.. I had to finish the song before he chewed through the power cord..

(MarkStyles©2016Pliant Tunes BMI)

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This song is several years old ..  Certainly not the palette of sounds I have now.. I tend to go thru hardware, and software, so of course that effects the style.. I honestly have no recollection of how I did it. Most of it is sequencers. with hand played chord changes fed into Logic, to do overdubs.. .    I think the heart of it was with a Yamaha Groove/music table top unit called RM1-x Sequence remixer.. Quite a little box.. .  This was done near the end of my 'disco life'... severe dance burn out..  Now the BPMs I like are not much higher than my own heart rate..  

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