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Forever Calling

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So I don't think this piece is very "quality" in terms of how it's written. I do think it sounds good though, and I don't really know which to weigh more. That's the problem with these kind of, "only intended for the sound" type pieces. I know their objective to be really cinematic or whatever, but the orchestration just isn't very good. That said, I wrote this piece because a friend had a mother that really loved birds, so I wrote a piece trying to be serene with bird call emulations. She said she wanted that over the Pines of Rome-style bird calls. I hope you all enjoy.

Fair warning: sorry, it's kind of loud.

I also don't remember if I've posted this before, so if I have, just let me know and I'll put repost in there.

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I enjoyed this a lot, and I listened to it without reading your comments, and I thought, It sounds like I'm floating over a beautiful scene or a city, because of the lush sounds and the wonderful flute lines. Then I read that it's about birds, so, well done! I think the only problem is the mix is a little distorted.

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