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Hello guys and girls!

I've stumbled into this problem with my music software months ago, but didn't have an account here then to ask for help.  Every time I try to save a file after working on my composition for a few minutes, I get the error message saying "Cannot create a file when that file already exists."  On the Finale forum, it recommends using "Save As...," but occasionally I get the meesage saying "Cannot rename file" and my file doesn't save.

Also when trying other methods to save files which initially work, such as saving in a different folder/subfolder from the original, I get messages with "finsave.tmp" and "Access is denied" which I can't recreate conveniently.  I've used Finale 2012 (yeah, have to mention the year and not hide it this time for extra information) for over 3 years now and only had this problem recently (relative to the length of time I've used it).  What's your solution to this predicament?


Finale Save Error 2-1.JPG

Finale Save Error 1-1.JPG

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20 hours ago, Protopopov said:

Sounds like permissions problem to me.

Check that your score files and folders are not read-only.


I checked my files and folders and they're not read-only.  But even if they are, how do you think I should keep my Finale from creating them that way?

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You could try saving to a different folder. You can save Finale files to any folder that you want; I save them to a folder on my desktop that I use just for these files. 

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