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Found 15 results

  1. Are there any Finale users who know how to add an instrument? I need to write a piece for an Alto Flute but when I go into Document Setup Wizard they don’t have it; only regular flute. Is there a way to add instruments? Btw I use Finale Notepad 2012
  2. Composite sketches throughout my life. Softwares: Finale, Kontakt, Cinebrass PRO, The Giant Piano, EWQL Symphony Orchestra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2A4N1s8a98
  3. How do I have the A that is in the treble clef in the bass clef but the stem still faces upwards?
  4. Hey folks, This is the finale for the Easter piece I am composing for my church. If the instrumentation seems strange, that's because it is. Those are the only instruments we have to work with at church so that's what it's written for. To get a better playback quality, I put it into MuseScore, the downside is that it doesn't observe the Rits. so just keep that in mind as you listen. Also, I haven't added the lyrics yet for the chorus, so sorry about that. You might already know the two hymns though. Enjoy!
  5. Hello guys and girls! I've stumbled into this problem with my music software months ago, but didn't have an account here then to ask for help. Every time I try to save a file after working on my composition for a few minutes, I get the error message saying "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." On the Finale forum, it recommends using "Save As...," but occasionally I get the meesage saying "Cannot rename file" and my file doesn't save. Also when trying other methods to save files which initially work, such as saving in a different folder/subfolder from the original, I get messages with "finsave.tmp" and "Access is denied" which I can't recreate conveniently. I've used Finale 2012 (yeah, have to mention the year and not hide it this time for extra information) for over 3 years now and only had this problem recently (relative to the length of time I've used it). What's your solution to this predicament? ~Franklin
  6. Please give me your advice. I have Finale 2010, and I want to create some decent quality audio. I usually just export my Finale file to a wav file and call it a day. It works well enough to convey the basic notes, but the quality just isn't where I want it to be. I have attached an example of the highest quality piano sound I am able to achieve from this process. Violin sounds even worse. Does anyone have any tips for how to make a better wav (or mp3 or midi) file? I can write music just fine, but I don't know much about the technical side, so please treat me like a newbie. I'll take any suggestions you have, especially ones that aren't too expensive. Thanks in advance for any advice you offer!
  7. Hey all, I am trying to find a method to notate key velocities of notes in my finale files. These scores were made from midi files composed and exported from my daw. The velocity data cannot be expressed with automated standard dynamic markings as I mean to express the volume of every individual note (rather than the intensity of a phrase.) I will need to use a kind of non-standardized notation according to velocity value, just as notes are arranged on the staff according to midi note number, Anything but colored note heads and manually drawing graphics in illustrator as I've had to do in the past.. I'm happy to buy any software needed. I have not been able to try Audio Impressions' Notation Switchblade yet because it does not run on osx 10.9, (not sure if this program contains my solution anyway), but I've tried a lot else. Logic DP live Sibelius musescore cubase etc etc.. Ideas? Programmers, come out! Thanks!
  8. Hey guys :D I am new here and I have a question! What is the fastest way to write music? Do you write it with your hand and then copy it on the computer? Or do you instantly write it on a special programme on the computer? Or do you use tablets? I am kind of new here and I was wondering wether you could help me. (at the moment I use Finale, but it takes so long to enter note by note with your mouse) Any kind of help is appreciated! Thank you :D
  9. I am trying to compose a few saxophone solos on Finale 2008 and I am having a difficult time because when I put the notes in I hear certain pitches, but when I have the computer play it back for me the pitches change. I think this is because saxophone is an E flat instrument and it might be playing it back to me in concert pitch. Is there a way I can match up the pitches so that I can hear it, hum it, and keep composing? Thank you! -J.P.
  10. I want to create a section with polymeter in Finale with unequal bar length. I know how to make the time signature staff independend, creating a polymeter with equal bar length, but that is not what I need.., I want something like this
  11. So here's the deal. Currently I have Finale 2010 and 2011, but I don't use 2011 because it's a pain and it took long enough as it is to get used to 2010 and 2011 has nothing new that is of any use to me. So now 2012 is out and I looked (and quickly gave up doing so) on the site to see if it has support for East/West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra (here-forward abbreviated as EWQLSO). I didn't see it listed anywhere except in a review of the program on their site. I don't trust it because their fan-boys can get REALLY defensive and stupid. First Question: Does Finale 2012 actually have Human Playback Support for EWQLSO? Now, I'm debating on upgrading to 2012 or not. If it doesn't have the HP support for EWQLSO, it really would not be worth it. The 2010 version works just fine for creating the scores. The only way I'd update is if I could get more realistic rendering. It is far too much a pain to simply export the MIDI and completely re-work it in a DAW and add in EWQLSO. I have the Gold version of EWQLSO which has all the articulations on the key-switching instruments. I've seen before where people complained that the dynamics and things always get destroyed by HP when using EWQLSO. I've not found anywhere that just simply gave a way to set up HP for EWQLSO (after searching for nearly 3 hours now). Second Question: How can I best manually set up HP instrument techniques for EWQLSO?
  12. Odd enough question, but is there a way to make ties appear in my score and have playback ignore them (i.e., play a repeated note even though it's marked as a tie) that isn't simply using a slur?
  13. I've been working with Finale 2001a for about the last 8 or 9 years. Then my brother showed up with Finale 2011 for me. Of course I would like to upgrade my old files, but first I have to fix some glitches... 1) How do I get Garritan sounds to work in an older file? (When I set Finale to play through VSTs, I hear nothing). 2) How do I fix the instruments? (Even when I play the orchestral works through MIDI, I hear only a 'string orchestra', it seems to ignore woodwinds and brass). 3) How do I fix the percussion hits? (In non-pitched percussion, no matter what instrument it is, the playback shouts a whistle blow)! I'd love to get some help from veteran users, esp. in playback issues (and Aria player). I'm a bit worried about the playback (have no problem in notation issues so far). Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello all, First of all, let me make it clear to avoid any confusion, the Finale verion I use is Finale 2009, in which I face several annoying problems: 1° when using pizz for the strings: i choose nr 36 from the expression tool (second pizz mentioned in my list). It works fine for violins and violas but for some reason does not do what it has to do when using cello's and double bass. When applied on cellos and double bass it only functions when human playback is turned off. From the moment it is turned on again, the pizz disappears and the notes which are to be played pizz simply become arched notes. 2° when human playback is turned off, I do not get the tr indication of the expression smart tool to work. Whenever i put a tr above the note, it is played as it simply would not be there. 3° Serious difficult and annoying is the percussion: when in human playback mode or not: I do not seem to be able to get the sound of a grosse caisse drum nor do I find the way to indicate it. A bit annoying, especially as I have a piece where the grosse caisse has a function of an echo; 4° Does anybody have any idea on how to add claves and a tambourine in the score using garritan orchestral 4? Does anybody else faced these problems and/or what is/are the solutions to it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. kind regards Wolfgang Sachs
  15. Greetings fellow composers! I would like to find out from you all if anyone here composes by hand. I have always written my compositions by hand and I think it is a far better way of composing for the following reasons: 1. Developing your inner ear and being able to hear the composition in your head 2. Far more freedom in what you can do e.g. Graphic notation, complex polyrhythms 3. It's cheaper 4.I find it quicker. None of the 120 something compositions I have written (I have been composing for almost four years now) were written entirely on Sibelius or Finale or whatever. This post i'm writing isn't saying that notation software is bad, cos I think that they can be great for making parts and scores, but I think that everyone would benefit from using the good old fashioned quill and parchment (or pencil and paper) from time to time.
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