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Awaken - basically a hopeful composition


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Mixing in the first piano section made it too loud. The rhythms in the next section of after were too heavy, again a mixture of the piano and guitar volumes caused issues... to me it sound like it lagged some? I could have misheard that.

My main problem with this is how the non-harmonic tones sometimes don't get resolved or resolve awkwardly. Somewhere near the end of the end for example, you have an E clashing with the 5th of the G# minor chord, and I know it's supposed to hold until the next chord where it makes sense but in the moment it sounds really out of place. Fixing some small details like that would make this flow smoother.

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i think overall it's a nice piece. Like Monarcheon sayd, i think you could do some "cleaning up". Sometimes there are small things that make a very big difference.

Otherwise, i think you could use some EQ and see the Levels of each instrument. A more balanced mixed would help bring out the best things in the song.

Nice, i liked it, looking forward to listen to some more...

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