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  1. A litle tune I mixed, and added a bass line. Sin_Motivo.mp3
  2. Hello everyone, It has again been a while since I have posted anything, and I have a new piece to show you all: the Fantasy-Variations in G-sharp minor. This piece was written in 2020. The theme is based on an aria from the 1967 opera "Grigory Melekhov" by the composer Ivan Dzerzhinsky. Ivan Dzerzhinsky (1909-1978) was a Soviet composer and pianist, best known for his operas and popular songs. His most famous work is the 1935 opera "Quietly Flows the Don" (based on the novel of the same name by writer Mikhail Sholokhov), which was a success at its premiere, and which launched Dzerzhinsky's career as a composer. He continued writing operas over the next several decades, including "Virgin Soil Upturned" (from which the duet "The Cossack Song" has since become popular among Russian ensembles), "Fate of a Man", and of course, "Grigory Melekhov" (also based on Sholokhov's novel). Aside from operas and vocal works, he also composed piano concertos and piano suites. His music usually is quite traditional and accessible, many pieces bearing similarities to Mussorgsky and even Puccini. With the exception of "The Cossack Song", his works receive very few performances today, and they are almost entirely within Russia. Furthermore, he has been labeled a "hack" by musicologists for his musical style, and for his status within the Soviet Union. I wrote this piece because I thought Dzerzhinsky's melody was too beautiful to be forgotten, and I wanted to make it available to other people, as well as to add something new to it; this is not meant to be a political piece. All that said, I hope you all enjoy the piece. 🙂 Also, for those of you who are interested, here is the original theme:
  3. I hope you enjoy this, please leave a comment and tell me what you think! Nocturne in D minor.mp3
  4. I think it's time to present myself to this young composer forum, so I would like to show you my very first professional work, my piano sonata in c minor. A piece in for movements that I started composing in summer 2017 and I finished in early 2018. The sonata was originally based in 3 movements, so in 2020, during the pandemic I decided to make a revision of the whole score and to add an extra movement. So, I leave you here the link to the YouTube video where you can hear this piece: PD: If you like my music you could subscribe to my YouTube channel and share my music. Thank you and enjoy!
  5. Hi, this is a simple piano piece I have composed.
  6. This is the music composition done by my son, any review/advice will be helpful
  7. This is a piece I wrote recently, and finally transcribed. (transcription is a work in progress). I wanted it to sort of have a story-like quality to it.
  8. It's short, and that's because I didn't know how to lengthen it much more. I leave it here just in case someone wanted to improve on it. I really feel like their could've been so much done with it. As always, I'm open to feedback.
  9. Hello! I've been finding myself composing multiple pieces at a time. I find a theme (I guess that's what it's called) that was meant to be a part of a bigger piece and use it to begin or create a new piece. Anyways, I think this piece could be way better, especially how I deal with the topic of tension and releasing tension. That is, if you notice, every time a "climax" is reached I just hit a very low note that is meant to be a sort of a musical slap. But I really think there are other ways to deal with climax. Comparing to my previous "pieces", I think this one is more solid, even though not as I would like it to be. Feedback would be appreciated.
  10. This is a piece that I wrote when I had just started out composing. And yes, this piece is inspired from Bach's WTC. Any constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.
  11. Hello everyone, here is a new piece I wrote. It doesn't have a huge emphasis on melody or any kind of functional harmony, and it's also fairly repetitive. I like it very much, but would appreciate your feedback. Many thanks.
  12. F. Adebiyi - Piano Sonata No.3 in G# minor https://youtu.be/pZyRqg9jTA8 All feedback welcome.
  13. A piece for encouraging myself to be brave and strong
  14. Max Payne, since I got to know it back in 2006, has been one of my favorite games. Its atmosphere, the presentation of simple but tragic story, the snow-covered New York City, all of that forever imprinted itself in many ways and partly shaped my taste for good atmospheric games. The main musical theme of this one remains one of the most recognizable to me. Hearing the very first notes awakens my old, warm memories of a time spent in this dark and atmospheric world. It was this theme that I thought about writing variations on for a year, but all the time it didn't work out. I had no energy, or even no idea how to write my own variations on such a not very classical musical theme. However, recently, on July 28, quite unexpectedly, I sat down at the piano to practice, and as a result I wrote a variation in one night, originally I had no intention of composing anything at all. Even more interesting for me, on July 31, I came across a video from remedy. As it turned out, it was Max Payne's birthday on July 23. It had been 20 years since the game's release. Well, let this be my little gift and thanks to this game for good memories. I hope the music turned out well. Happy past birthday, Max!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of uploading as much of my music as I can on youtube, cuz what good does it do sitting around in my computer huh? Anyway, here's my second piano sonata as it was performed in 2016. It's divided into 3 movements and all three movements are following the typical sonata-form conventions to some degree or another. It took around 4 months to write the score and around 6 months in rehearsal time to get it performed to an acceptable degree. The third movement is specially challenging, but I think it sounds cool. Either way, have fun.
  16. Here's a waltz I wrote as part of a collection I'm working on. Give me feedback please! This is the first piano piece I've ever put on here.
  17. Ever feel like fallible fleshy humans get in the way of your piano music? If so, this is a solution to that problem: Just remove them entirely!
  18. These are my first waltzes that I wrote in 2017 over the course of two days. So they may be very close to each other in both character and condition, but still each will have its own little story.
  19. This is my "Four Sententiae for Piano, Op. 340". For the record, it constitutes my 11th set of sententiae for piano. Here is the link to my 9th set of sententiae for piano, the last set that I have posted here, a set of two sententiae: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t37076/two-sententiae-for-piano-op-315/
  20. This is my first fantasy which I wrote in 2014. Here I tried to convey several states and, in the end, to channel them in a positive direction and anchor them in a life-affirming way. I also tried to give the music different contrasts, so that even with the repetition of sections in the music, there is still tension and development. I hope that these qualities, in the end, will have a positive effect on your experience of listening to this fantasie.
  21. Hi, I just wanted to share this little try that I did to lofi, it's bassically just piano with a bass and drums and a harp in some parts, with lofi effects and a sampled spech by jordan peterson called "Advice for hyper intelectual people". I called this, soft intellectual lofi. It's a random name Ik. I just have a mp3 but I writted all of the piano parts, so it is original, the only sampled was the speech and some vinyl effects.
  22. Hi! Here are two preludes I've written (working on more). The G minor was written improvised and bears some resemblance to the Chopin Prelude in E minor. The E flat minor was an old sketch that I went back and revisited. Feedback would be wonderful, as it helps me improve my own writing.
  23. Alright, I made some revisions to my piece. Not everything with the MIDI version is perfect (gradual tempo changes straight up don't work), and when I tried to add dynamics my computer crashed so there isn't any of that here either. But hopefully this will at least give you an idea as to where this thing is going.
  24. Hi to everyone, since finally I have vacations I decided to try to compose a tango. I called it "primer tango?" Which could be translated as "First tango?" because it has some things that get out of the genre, so you can say that this is a personal interpretation. Also it's the first time that I writte for bandoneon so the left hand is pretty empty. So what do you think? it sound like tango?. The structure is simple. Introduction: A A' with repetition: B: bridge: Introduction: A A'. Also, I tried to make a sheet music video with a animated background intead of just the sheet music so it is also a experiment in that, I also attach PDF and mp3 if it is easier to read that way.
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