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  1. Hi all! This is my new sad, dramatic classical piano composition in c minor. It is slightly inspired by composition of composers of the romantic era. The original purpose of this piece was to practise harmony, i.e. chord alterations, 7th- & 9th-chords and modulation, but it eventually ended up being a short nocturne- or prelude-like piece. It should be played with a good portion of pedal-use, especially in part A, in order to express a more "dream-like" feeling of the main "doubtful" melody. The structure of this piece is: A - A' - B1 - B2 - C - A - A' A: main the
  2. A short piece, inspired by Schubert's Moments Musciaux (in this case no. 4). I dug out an old sketch from years ago, dusted it off, managed to have enough of a spark to finish it. That's why I save everything!
  3. My first song, written to a poem by Leopold Staff (a polish poet). I didn't use the whole poem because it's too long.
  4. Hello everyone, here I am presenting you another composition of mine. This one I finished a few years ago as part of my academic studies. It is a typical variation cycle. The goal was to practice putting thematic material in different context, as you will hear. I hope you enjoy the video too.
  5. Hi everyone! This is the second in a series of piano waltz’s I’m working on. This is the only one I have completed so far, although I’m sure I will make some changes. I started composing this on Tuesday and finished it on Friday. It begins in G major, modulates to Eb major in the middle and then ends in G major. Within the G major sections, there are also modulations to the the relative minor occasionally. Also, this is a recording of me playing it, so the cuts in it are from me editing out stutters, so you can fully understand what the piece is supposed to sound like. I apologize for t
  6. I wonder if the uploader ever made an edited this but I found this by suggestion. A mashup of Brubeck and Satie and sounds wonderful. Do you know of any cool mashups? Share them here!
  7. I have this hymn I started working on, but I am having trouble notating the melody line. Would someone on here be able to help me finish it?
  8. Would anyone like to try their hand at transcribing a gospel hymn? I have a few original hymns that I'd like notated into sheet music in a bach chorales style
  9. Hi there, It has been a while since I have written any music, until recently when I have finally gotten the inspiration and motivation to continue. Here is a fifth piece in a collection of piano pieces that I am working on right now, and this is the first draft. Do let me know what you think of it. The first half was mostly written on the piano, but the second half was mostly written on MuseScore3 and I haven't played it out just yet -- will possibly need some tweaking once I have actually played it out.
  10. Would anyone like to try their hand at transcribing a gospel hymn? I have a few original hymns that I'd like notated into sheet music in a bach chorales style
  11. Back when I was into creative writing, I tried my hand at writing a fairytale set in a fantasy world based on ancient China. The story was about a young princess locked up in a tower by her father the king for refusing to be married off to a foreign prince. I never got around to finishing it, but it did inspire me to write this piece. The style is heavily inspired by Joe Hisaishi, one of my all-time favourite composers. All feedback welcome!
  12. So this christmas I've been working in this small piano sonata that is based on the theme from @Ivan1791 All movements are directly or partially conected to the theme. The first movement is in sonata form and has the theme as subject A. The second movement has the theme as a baseline (4 times slower). The third has little motifs from the theme in the scherzo, and in the trio there is a fugue wich subject is based on the theme. Finally the finale is in theme and variations based on the theme. I hope you all enjoy and any feedback is welcomed!🙂
  13. Program Note: Each movement of this piece is inspired by and musically depicts the plot of a poem with the same name by Robert Frost. These poems tend to reflect on the sentiment of individuals as they observe and react to events taking place in nature. Spring Pools These pools that, though in forests, still reflect The total sky almost without defect, And like the flowers beside them, chill and shiver, Will like the flowers beside them soon be gone, And yet not out by any
  14. Hi, I wrote this little nocturne a while ago and would be thankful to hear what you think about it. I have also made a youtube score video, please follow the link provided below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v_yiDuJQMA
  15. El denso velo (The thick veil) Wrapped in the dense veil of the dark night, the gazelle of the woods came to fetch me. Herido (Wounded) I have been so cruelly wounded by love that if my end came I would find no pain in death.
  16. I wrote some songs for violin and piano based on poems of the árabo-andalusí centuries. Yes, the arabs took Spain from the year 711 until 1492, and left a big and beautiful cultural legacy that is currently in our language and culture in general. These songs were written some years ago but now I have gone over them, arranged them and fixed some mistakes due to inexperience (I still am an unexperienced composer, but less). This poem was wrote by Abu-L-Qasim Al-Manisi in the 112th century. I tried to translate it into English:
  17. At this forum the stealing and plagiarism are being encouraged.
  18. Hey, first song I am sharing here, I hope you enjoy and PLS feel free to give me some feedback. YT: https://youtu.be/l2XwqvFK540
  19. Hey, I have written some hymns and I have been trying to get them transcribed to sheet music in a Bach Chorlaes (SATB) style format. Here is a rough draft of the score and a midi file, if anyone can help, please send me a message in the chat. Lord Touch My Eyes.mid
  20. Hi, I am a young gospel piano player. I have written a few hymns(just choruses) that I would like sheet music for. I have a rough copy for 1 and a audio recording for the other two. I am looking for a more experienced composer who can either write the music for me and/or help me so I can do better on future compositions. Thank you in advance for your help. (If Interested I can send you the audio recordings and rough draft scores)
  21. Hi I like baroque suites, and the way the composers organized the dances in some sort of geographical classification: English Suite, French Suite, Italian Suite...... Why not a Spanish Suite? Is it possible. Some dances in those suites came from Spain: Folia, Sarabande, Passacaglia... I needed more dances with the Spanish flavor. Undoubtedly, many of them are touched by the flamenco "sound" or style. In fact, flamenco music developed in the 18th century, ...., no doubt it took its roots from much earlier, from Arabian and Mediterranean scales and from the Dorian mode in the Ancient G
  22. This is my Soliloquy for Piano No. 14. It is my entry to the YC Fall 2020 Competition "Metamorphosis" and based on the theme of Takashi Yoshimatsu's, "Waltz of Rainbow Colored Roses", the second of his three waltzes. I have used the theme as a starting point and accompanied it and continued it in my personal style and original way.
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