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  1. Hi I'd like to bring here something different. Lately, I've been working on a "Mediterranean Suite". I used a lot of different scales with something in common: they come from the Mediterranean countries. From Spain to "Persia" and from Africa to Europe, the Balkans, etc... Every one of them is unique, but I guess they all came from the same ancient scale. The suite is finished, because it's made from material I've been writing for two years or so. I made the selection and reworked some points. But it takes 10 pieces, too long to put them together here. We have here a very s
  2. This is a piece I wrote recently about a nervous auditioner (I think that’s the right word) in an audition for area or district band. It is supposed to be more on the theatrical side with some instruments representing people. There are four movements, each representing a part of the audition process. I will explain each one in depth:
  3. This was my submission for the 2020 Summer competition. I've never written a fantasia or any type of free form piece (at least with this genre of music), and felt like this piece in our world context would fit that with how I wanted to present the music. I had a main theme that would be viciously stuck in my head after waking up each morning, the days were a blur with my personal life and job and sanity. I wanted to do variations on that theme, intertwined with other fleeting themes that I thought of as this: A | A B C D | A A A | B C A | E (ABC) | AB C D
  4. This is my "Soliloquy for Piano No. 11". I composed it in memory of my uncle who recently passed away. Here is the link to my previous soliloquy for piano: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t34871/soliloquy-for-piano-no-10/
  5. Hello everybody! As a pianist, I usually hear to performances of the piece I am preparing to have some references.Although my favourite pianist is Martha Argerich with no doubts, I try to keep open-minded to other pianists (famous or not) to have a bigger vision of the piece. Also, when I'm going to compose something, in particular, a sonata, for example, I listen to a lot of Mozart and Haydn sonatas so that I can encompass better the style. I'm curious to know if you have any musician as a reference or if you listen to several musicians when preparing a piece or when you want t
  6. This is a draft of a piece I just finished. I was inspired by looking at the stars the other night. This is why I added so many high sixteenth notes; they reminded me of twinkling stars. I also added a short variation of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the beginning of page 2. As for the name, it’s a reference to when you wish on a shooting star. I really need advice on how to make this better and longer in the final version. I need to lengthen it by 2 minutes and I have some ideas but I want to hear other people’s ideas. Thanks.
  7. Three days ago we had to help one of our dogs (Urka) to pass away. This is for her...
  8. From March to May, I was in hospital, seriously affected by coronavirus. I got it at work... In many senses, this changes you life. Three weeks in a coma is a peculiar experience. After being discharged I couldn't do anything (write, work, talk, etc....). This is the first thins I wrote, now I have ordered it and put it in a little suite. Many ideas were fragmented and simple. I friend of mine helped me with some titles and phrases... People who suffer from this at this level never recover at all.... But I'm alive, I'm lucky.
  9. Coxi

    Minuet in D

    Hi! Minuets are trendy here it seems, and I've been recommended to try my hand at some. So here is a first minuet and trio for piano and flute. I feel it would be hard to dance on it, I realized I'm not very comfortable with a ternary rythm (and I forgot halfway that it was supposed to be a dance at all). The overall structure is: minuet1 - trio - minuet 1', where: minuet 1 is written in 2 parts for piano. It is made of 2 repeating sections [A] and [B-A']. A finishes on a half-cadence, B modulates and brings contrast, A' is same as A but ending on a perfect cadence the
  10. I wonder if the uploader ever made an edited this but I found this by suggestion. A mashup of Brubeck and Satie and sounds wonderful. Do you know of any cool mashups? Share them here!
  11. Hello! Here is a new piano sonata allegro movement that I've written during the pandemic. I'd welcome any feedback you might have. 🙂 Dan
  12. Inspired in Evans and his harmonies (incomplete or rootless chords, chords by fourths, clusters...).
  13. Completely rewritten and a bit more consistent in mood. This is a new style of piece (at least in atmosphere) for myself and I'm sure there are problems with it. All feedback is appreciated greatly.
  14. This piece was something I put together a while ago. It isn’t to complex and like usual, I’m always welcoming to advice on how to make the harmony a bit more complicated.
  15. This is the second part of this sonatina. I wonder if in ancient times, there was music made first with pentatonic scales. So this piece uses the In Sen scale in D which is D - Eb - G - A - Bb. .... This is in the right hand all the time (except in two or three phrases where it is harmonized by thirds or sixths and the scale is enriched with other parallel In Sen scale. In the left hand I harmonized freely. Hope somebody enjoys it.
  16. First part of a short sonatina. Called arcaica (ancient) because it uses modes, but also PC set techniques. Played live.
  17. This is an incomplete piece I have composed. It is my first attempt of trying to compose jazz for piano. I hope you give me your opinion as well as advice on how to learn more about jazz piano.
  18. This is a piece I wrote a little while ago and forgot to post. It makes me think of my childhood home; hence the name. I know that the harmonies aren’t too advanced, and I gladly welcome advice or suggestions as to how to complicate it a little more!
  19. Hello there! During this COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to revise and continue one of my old compositions, a cello sonata, which I started around 2018 but have not managed to finish it. I decided to dig it out and start working on it again, and here it is. The sonata is in four movements, depicting the various musical periods of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century. Movements: I. Allemande/Fugue: This movement was meant to be a separate project on a baroque suite for cello and piano, but I decided to make it part of this sonata.The movement initially only had the All
  20. https://flat.io/score/5f1d77bd319f3e32ff6caa7d-music-that-is-not-clickbait
  21. Hello! I recently made song that features piano and electric guitars. My problem is that many people told me, that piano doesnt sound natural/is not mixed well/sounds robotic. I recorded piano parts in reaper DAW using neo piano plugin and midi keyboard. What could be improved on when it comes to mixing and playing ? Here is song im talking about:
  22. Hello & thanks for visiting! This is my latest piano waltz called "Paris". It's my second piece in my series of waltzes dedicated to famous cities. This time I tried to utilize more chromatic and dissonant elements in my composition and to vary the chord patterns more than in the previous waltz Op.4 No.1 "Vienna". It is a rather simple and short piece that has the following form: A - B - B' - C1 - C2 - A' - B - B' A: A quiet introduction theme in c minor B: Main theme in c minor B': A more dramatic and vivid variation of B C1: First intermediate them
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