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Found 637 results

  1. Here's my little album of short pieces for piano. It will last over 13-15 minutes, since is not finished yet, only a bit of more work It's almost completed, but the Γ©tude and chorale lack of development. The chorale won't be very long, but 2 different sections of 8~ and the Γ©tude just lacks of a larger section where it develops and recapitulates to C major theme. I won't make a study or explanation of any other piece, unless someone tells me to, since I don't have the time, but you can ask anything :P. If I had to tell my influences or inspirations in each piece from most to less (being it melody, harmonic, or style reminiscences, more than variations or imitations): I. Mozart/Haydn/Diabelli II. Chopin/Shostakovich/Mozart III. Beethoven/Haydn IV. Schubert/Rachmaninoff V. Schumman/Beethoven VI. Bach/Scarlatti/Schumman VII. Czerny/Burmuller/Beethoven VIII. Diabelli/Clementi/Beethoven IX. Mozart/Bach X. Chopin/Schubert/Schumman Which one do you prefer the most? Mines are definitivelly the Rondo in G major (VIII), the Bagatella in G major (III, another Rondo, indeed) and the Ballade in A minor (X)
  2. Composition completed on 10/13/2019 You also can watch this piece here -
  3. Hello everyone! I've just posted my latest (and hopefully greatest) work yet. It's a Sonata for Oboe and Piano, which I've beew working on for the past month. The first and second movement took me 3 days to write, altought I altered them quite a bit. The last movement actually took a few weeks, as I had to experimetn with polychords (I had never used them before). Also, thank's to @Monarcheon for posting the masterclass on polychords, that's what stroke my interest on them! After listening to it various times, the image of a warrior that was cast on to an adventure, in which he met various conditions and exotic creatures really fit the mood, so I decided to name the movements accordingly. So, here's the link to it! As always, feedback is greatly apreciated. Best wishes, Jean.
  4. Pieces for Pianoforte Op. 21 No 2 - Pastorale This is the 2nd piece of a collection of piano pieces I am slowly writing. The 1st piece, I wrote many years back. I only now finally found the motivation to write for the 2nd. Let me know what you think. This is a digital rendering using MuseScore3.
  5. Hi all! That's my new piano composition called "The Lighthouse". It is slightly inspired by the music of Russian composers, such as Glinka. It follows a rather simple A-B-A pattern. A consists of the main introduction theme, a development and a powerful final theme. B consists of a quiet theme in the Major key and a fast, dramatic theme in the minor key. Thank you for listening! Some Feedback would be nice πŸ™‚ Piece No.4 Op.3 - The Lighthouse (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  6. Hello, this is my very first composition. I named it 'Relique', planning to release more in the following weeks.... I love composing melancholic piano songs and am starting in Photography. So I tried to combine both together... Any inputs welcome... πŸ˜‰ Watch it here : Milky Way & Emotional Piano
  7. Composition completed on 01/21/2016 You also can watch this piece here -
  8. Composition completed on: Etude-Tableau β„–8 in F sharp minor ICO β„–94 - 09/09/2016 Etude-Tableau β„–9 in F major ICO β„–95 - 09/11/2016 You also can watch this piece here -
  9. I was thinking of using this as a theme for a theme and variations piece but not sure if it fits that sort of thing. Any ideas if this is acceptable, or what needs to change? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. Hello, i'm new on this forum. I would like to share my lastest composition. It's the first movement of my 2nd piano concerto, composed in A minor. What do you think of it ?
  11. I wrote this one in January 13, 2014 and edited a bit just now. I was just having fun with melodies that time and I thought maybe develop this one into a short but fun piece. Plus, this was my first attempt on this style of writing πŸ˜„
  12. Short composition, in honor to Tchaikovsky. Called it "Little toy soldiers"
  13. Composition completed on 01/10/2019 You also can watch this piece here -
  14. I know I'm pushing it a bit calling this a nocturne. First time I have tried to compose this sort of piece. Please do let me know where to improve. Thanks.
  15. Hello composers all around the world. Here is my new piano piece. Would like to know what you think about it. Cheers!!
  16. Short prelude I wrote on a theme I got while improvising. Written: July 31, 2019
  17. https://soundcloud.com/user-777001654/work-in-progress I'm new to composing. Please criticize this short piano piece.
  18. https://youtu.be/MS4MDqMA1i4 ^music with score appreciate criticism
  19. Composition completed on 07/30/2016 You also can watch this piece here -
  20. An original piece by the young composer / arranger Drake King.
  21. This is my "Three Sententiae for Two Pianos, Op. 323". It is my first work for the combination of two pianos. I never would have imagined I would compose for that particular combination. However, the idea to compose a set of sententiae came to me almost six months ago, on the day I attended the concert of a piano duet. And so I have realized it now, six months later.
  22. A sonatina, this short work is yet to be refined, but most of it is already defined
  23. Hello everyone I would like to share this melody. Please give me your opinion : Thank you, G.
  24. Short piece in honor to Rachmaninoff.
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