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  1. Ever feel like fallible fleshy humans get in the way of your piano music? If so, this is a solution to that problem: Just remove them entirely!
  2. These are my first waltzes that I wrote in 2017 over the course of two days. So they may be very close to each other in both character and condition, but still each will have its own little story.
  3. This is my "Four Sententiae for Piano, Op. 340". For the record, it constitutes my 11th set of sententiae for piano. Here is the link to my 9th set of sententiae for piano, the last set that I have posted here, a set of two sententiae: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t37076/two-sententiae-for-piano-op-315/
  4. This is my first fantasy which I wrote in 2014. Here I tried to convey several states and, in the end, to channel them in a positive direction and anchor them in a life-affirming way. I also tried to give the music different contrasts, so that even with the repetition of sections in the music, there is still tension and development. I hope that these qualities, in the end, will have a positive effect on your experience of listening to this fantasie.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to share this little try that I did to lofi, it's bassically just piano with a bass and drums and a harp in some parts, with lofi effects and a sampled spech by jordan peterson called "Advice for hyper intelectual people". I called this, soft intellectual lofi. It's a random name Ik. I just have a mp3 but I writted all of the piano parts, so it is original, the only sampled was the speech and some vinyl effects.
  6. Hi! Here are two preludes I've written (working on more). The G minor was written improvised and bears some resemblance to the Chopin Prelude in E minor. The E flat minor was an old sketch that I went back and revisited. Feedback would be wonderful, as it helps me improve my own writing.
  7. Alright, I made some revisions to my piece. Not everything with the MIDI version is perfect (gradual tempo changes straight up don't work), and when I tried to add dynamics my computer crashed so there isn't any of that here either. But hopefully this will at least give you an idea as to where this thing is going.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of uploading as much of my music as I can on youtube, cuz what good does it do sitting around in my computer huh? Anyway, here's my second piano sonata as it was performed in 2016. It's divided into 3 movements and all three movements are following the typical sonata-form conventions to some degree or another. It took around 4 months to write the score and around 6 months in rehearsal time to get it performed to an acceptable degree. The third movement is specially challenging, but I think it sounds cool. Either way, have fun.
  9. Hi to everyone, since finally I have vacations I decided to try to compose a tango. I called it "primer tango?" Which could be translated as "First tango?" because it has some things that get out of the genre, so you can say that this is a personal interpretation. Also it's the first time that I writte for bandoneon so the left hand is pretty empty. So what do you think? it sound like tango?. The structure is simple. Introduction: A A' with repetition: B: bridge: Introduction: A A'. Also, I tried to make a sheet music video with a animated background intead of just the sheet music so it is also a experiment in that, I also attach PDF and mp3 if it is easier to read that way.
  10. This is a piece I wrote recently, and finally transcribed. (transcription is a work in progress). I wanted it to sort of have a story-like quality to it. Your input is appreciated I hope you all enjoy it 🙂
  11. The Ballade in E-flat minor was written in 2021. Though it is written for solo piano, I had intended to write it for piano and orchestra, and may make a version of it for this ensemble in the future. The piece is about 8 minutes long. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂
  12. These two piano pieces were created by me back in 2014. They are some of the first pieces that have a very simple harmony, yet sound quite natural and competent. Especially in the re-recorded version, which is presented in this video.
  13. Hi, I've composed a sketch of a mazurka, it's in progress at the moment, so please let me know if the harmony or melody could be improved. What do you think of the orchestration of solo piano? Attached are the pdf and midi files. Thank you, DoYourDailyDuo Mazurka.mid
  14. Hi I like baroque suites, and the way the composers organized the dances in some sort of geographical classification: English Suite, French Suite, Italian Suite...... Why not a Spanish Suite? Is it possible. Some dances in those suites came from Spain: Folia, Sarabande, Passacaglia... I needed more dances with the Spanish flavor. Undoubtedly, many of them are touched by the flamenco "sound" or style. In fact, flamenco music developed in the 18th century, ...., no doubt it took its roots from much earlier, from Arabian and Mediterranean scales and from the Dorian mode in the Ancient Greece (which is not the dorian mode we know today). I have found some dances that are present all over the country: jota, fandango (we have some from Baroque), etc.... And some that are almost lost or limited to small areas. I want to r¡write a whole suite with this dances. It's interesting and funny doing some research and trying to put this music in the piano. The piano was not an instrument of flamenco music, untii the las past or the 20th century with fusion music (flamenco-pop, flamenco-jazz, also academic). Not easy to get the sound in the piano. One of those dances I found is the ZORONGO. This is a word almost nobody knows in Spanish. It means "headscarf", but we don't know if it has some link with the dance... Perhaps... Also, Zorongo is this dance. It includes the Andalusian cadence. And this is what I did.... Should I go on with this project?
  15. An old piece I tried to update and make less messy (may or may not have worked). Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  16. This is a setting of the Goethe poem Erlkönig that I decided to write after discovering Beethoven's version of the piece. Please be constructive with your feedback, I'm very proud of this piece.
  17. A short piece, inspired by Schubert's Moments Musciaux (in this case no. 4). I dug out an old sketch from years ago, dusted it off, managed to have enough of a spark to finish it. That's why I save everything!
  18. Hello! This is my first time attempting to compose a piece. It's quite short (lasting only ~15 secs), and that's because I really didn't know what to do. Other than watching almost nothing other than a few music theory videos on YouTube, I actually know nothing regarding music, so this might be quite amateurish! Please do tell me how I could improve on this.
  19. F. Adebiyi - Piano Sonata No.3 in G# minor https://youtu.be/pZyRqg9jTA8 All feedback welcome.
  20. I have this hymn I started working on, but I am having trouble notating the melody line. Would someone on here be able to help me finish it?
  21. Been taking a break from composing, but mostly because I wanted to arrange a couple of these beauties. I love me some Irish airs from time to time and these are the first three that I have sat down to arrange for the piano for myself. Y'alls can have a listen. The links are down below. And I got the PDF file for the score. 😋 1. Inisheer: https://soundcloud.com/user-563317711/inisheer-inis-oirr-thomas-walsh-mini-piano-arrangement 2. Sheebeg, Sheemore: https://soundcloud.com/user-563317711/sheebeg-sheemore-si-bheag-si-mor-turlough-ocarolan-attributed-mini-piano-arrangement 3. Slane: https://soundcloud.com/user-563317711/slane-be-thou-my-visionlord-of-all-hopefulness-mini-piano-arrangement
  22. Here's a waltz I wrote as part of a collection I'm working on. Give me feedback please! This is the first piano piece I've ever put on here.
  23. A piece I wrote over a few weeks, my attempt at a nocturne in ternary form. any feedback is welcome.
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