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Found 269 results

  1. Hello everybody! I just finished my Piano Concerto No.1 ''Octaves'' in f minor. The Concerto consists of only one movement: Allegro con brio. The music is, of course, written for piano and string orchestra. The goal for me to write this piano concerto was to learn more about how to write for piano and how to write in a more classical, early romantic style. Note that I added some more contemporary elements as well. The concerto is in free Sonata Form: Exposition - Exposition repetition with piano (classical) || Development (many more modern elements) || Recapitulation without the second theme. I ommited the second theme in the recapitulation, because I felt like this theme was already 'mentioned' too frequently. Furtheremore, ending with the first theme sounds fine to me. What do you think about the music? Particularly the development? *The lay-out of the score still has to be done. Maarten
  2. Coincidence and Fate

    Using harmony by second and seven this (majors and minors) and that scale which is 1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b5 bb7. I find this combination particularly dark
  3. Summer

    I mean the late afternoon in the late summer, when the sun is yellow-orange and the days stretch out, like a state of mind.
  4. Ambiental track

    I just got Guitar Rig 5 and i wanted to do something with my guitar :) So this is a short peace iv created in an ambient mood, it was almost on my first try. I combined guitar (with ambient effects) and than on that, i played bass. I put them together, add some piano and this was the product. Waiting for comments :)
  5. "The Magic White And Pink Rose"

    Hi to everyone! I'm back with a new piano & strings composition! The title is "the magic white and pink rose". I accept productive comments on my composition. I hope you like it.
  6. Piano left hand?

    Hello! This topic is just to hear other's opinion... Have you ever noticed that really often piano left hand, especially if using patterns, can sound like modern piano composers? something like clayderman, or Yiruma? If you ever noticed that, don't you think it sounds something like uhm... too simplistic? musically poor? I noticed that also Chopin used kind of patterns in his pieces, but they sounded richer and really better quality...Maybe because of he used to variate, adding extra notes and not keep it always same, or something else? What do you think about this? How would you avoid this left hand poorness? Just Chatting... :)
  7. Hello! Here is the link to my last piece...it is a piano quintet written thinking about the little things that nature offers us, and we don't notice...Let me know if you would like to see the score!
  8. 2 - 6 - 3

    Sometimes I take ideas, fragments, etc..., from anywhere (a tune, a pop song...). That's what happened here. 263_ Partitura completa.pdf 263.mp3
  9. Three pieces from childhood

    Once upon a time, I was thirteen years old (I'm not sure if I can call it "childhood") and I decided to become a composer. And there are three of my early compositions. Just for fun. I think if there was a competition for the worst piece of this forum, I would win it. But i like these... eh, things. They're a bit nostalgic for me, because it was my first contatct with music. (I couldn't play the piano and my knowledge of music theory... well, it just didn't exist.) Now, four years later, I found these recordings and I was like: "Argh, it shouldn't sound like that!" And then: "Who cares? It's cute." So you can enjoy strange melodies, parallel fifths and horrible interpretation of my fourteen-years-old alter ego. I. Sen (Dream) - It was my first composition and I was very proud of it. It's in something like C major. II. Pochod poražených orlů (A strange name that I can't translate, but it's something like March of Eagles) - It's in D minor, one of my favourite keys, and I composed it for my dead grandmother. III. Der Morgenwalzer (The Morning Waltz) - It's in... well, I think it's atonal. But I'm not sure. There's B flat major, C minor, something phrygian...
  10. Scalar Etude

    Hi everyone! Just got back to this forum after n years and realized that my old submissions went missing. So I went back to my old compositions and decided to re-upload some of them :) Here's one entitled "Scalar Etude" that I composed in late 2011-early 2012. I made a few changes from the original form, so I guess I'd re-upload it somehow. Hope you enjoy it! All comments and feedback are very welcome :)
  11. Question: Piano pedals

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if it is possible to use TWO piano pedals at the same time, for example: Sustain pedal + una corda to have the mysterious mood of the una corda continued by the sustain pedal. Like: Kind regards, Maarten
  12. A short etude I wrote today while taking a break from larger works. I actually thought it came out pretty nice considering I wrote it in less than a day with is really unusual for me. Score is attached but forgive the untidiness.
  13. Sketch No. 104

    Technically an unfinished work, but it's also technically done in its current state. This sketch was originally supposed to be a piano sonata, but I ran out of ideas for it after an hour of writing so I ended it on the C# minor chord and called it a day. But I've always been gravitated to it still since I think it has some good ideas. Thoughts? Go on? Leave it?
  14. A level Composition

    I have been working on my A-level music composition on my own, as the teaching at my school for music is virtually non-existent and would much appreciate some feedback on my composition so that I can improve on my work. It is not finished yet, but I will upload it when I have fully completed it. Many thanks. Piano Sonata in D minor Score.pdf
  15. Hello guys, This is my new piano composition. I hope you'll share your opinion with me. :)
  16. Of Fire an Ice

    Of Fire and Ice.mp3 A short piece that I wrote for a Roleplay I was taking part in a while back meant to capture the two personalities of a fire mage and an Ice mage as they worked and lived together. This piece starts off with only a piano introduction before giving way to the orchestra in bar 9. From there it goes through a couple theme variations before ending back with the original theme. It is approximately 2:31 long, and stays in the key of B Major. There is a tempo change in bar 15, and again back to the original tempo in measure 67. It is the shortest piece that I have completed, and will be found on the album, "Dust of the Past" when I release it as soon as I'm finished writing and mastering the final track that will be on it.
  17. I want to share this piece I love, that I didn't wrote. I shared my thoughts about triad layering and impressionism with a friend of mine (who knew just a little bit about harmony) and she did this. I arranged some issues. The idea began with a total deconstruction of Bach / Gounoud's Ave Maria. link to the mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/48nqfl7dxtkshqs/ave maria guarani.mp3?dl=0 ave maria guarani - Score.pdf
  18. La Florida Amelia

    An Amelia is an ornamental tree I have in my garden. (The score and audio has been changed a little. There was a mistake in a note that Monarcheon found, and m. 32 was unnecessary).. florida amelia - SCORE.pdf
  19. Waiting for comments :) thanks
  20. Five Flashes

    Mini pieces, each one explores an idea (no matter what). (I've seen pieces shorter than these ones...) Flash.pdf
  21. In an effort to embarrass and hate myself even more, I present to you my first attempt at a piano concerto just 3 years ago. It's heavily based off of the Ravel Piano Concerto since I was still working under established formats at the time. While it's nice to see I'm infinitely better than I was in a relatively short amount of time, it still fills me with rage and contempt to see pieces like this that I've done. I truly hate it. I hate seeing it, knowing there was a point I thought this was acceptable material. It's a little longer than most things here since it's all 4 movements in one file, but I'd appreciate any listen throughs of it. Note: The first 14 or so seconds of the file are empty, but the concerto is there.
  22. Curvetude

    Hi guys just finished my new piano piece Curvetude, guaranteed to relax you! Here's a 12min preview. Hope you like. Many thanks.