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Found 318 results

  1. Hello! [Partly the description in the program booklet and youtube video] Maarten Bauer – Melodrama No.1 ''The End of His Story Started Here,'' Op. 45. 11th of August 2017 Dedicated to all the victims in concentration camps during World War II. The music begins at circa 2:00 On the 18th of November 2017 (one of the) most prestigious composition competition(s) in the Benelux took place: Prinses Christina Compositie Concours. I submitted my Melodrama No.1 ‘’The End of His Story Started Here’’ and to my surprise I won the first price of competition! I cannot express my gratitude for the judges, the performers (Trio Burlesco+) and the audience! Furthermore I would like to thank the other participating composers for the amazing experience and relaxed atmosphere during the stressful day. Description This melodrama uses the poem, which I have written in 2014 (see the text below), based on John Boyne’s astonishing book The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. This composition is composed for the Trio Burlesco and a soprano and a percussionist (Trio Burlesco+). The text and music strengthen each other, so none of the two can be omitted. The innocent soprano is both narrator and singer and she symbolizes the actions, the emotions and the thoughts of the main character in the poem: Shmuel. Shmuel is a Jewish boy, who has just arrived in Auschwitz, which is called Out-With by Boyne. He does not know where he is and he cannot find his family, consisting of his father, mother and his big sister, whom I called Anat, which means ‘singing.’ The motivation for me to write such a heavily-weighted piece, namely an innocent young boy who will probably die in a Nazi concentration camp, is because I noticed that people in my surrounding realize less and less that freedom and peace are not obvious. It is the greatest gift that we can live in freedom and peace in the Netherlands. I noticed that this important consciousness gradually drains away by the years. Therefore I wanted to compose a piece, which remembers us that we have to be grateful for the lives we now live and that the indescribable terrible crimes may never be repeated. When I wrote the poem, my tears flowed. When I composed the Melodrama, my tears flowed. And now again, my tears flow, because this may never happen again. Never. https://christinaconcours.nl/alles/9667/
  2. New sound: Delicious Grace

    Hello guys, first time posting a song here. That's a project I started not long time ago where I write all the music and lyrics in english (I'm a native portuguese speaker). It's very intimate, genuine but I'm not a pro. Any feedback would be good. Hope you like it:
  3. This is my first post on this forum, I am looking to get some feedback on a piece I have been working on recently. The chord progressions are of constant structure, non-diatonic major chords, switching to non-diatonic minor chords for the second section. Be warned, I am a big fan of dissonance; if it's too much for you please don't hesitate to include that, I sometimes go a little over the top after listening to the same thing over and over, and I don't realize until later. euphoralgia.mp3
  4. Nocturne in E minor

    I was just practicing music theory, and then, I decided to write something classic, and I tried to follow every rule I learned. Also, I could solve the problem "feeling incomplete" by using Cadence. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Farewell

    Hey everyone! This is a piece I wrote back in 2013 and I now recorded the piece for my debut album "Ballerina" which you can listen to or buy here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina I hope you guys like it!
  6. Wasps

    I uncovered this piece from a while back. I'd started it with the intention of it being music for an advert but it grew (by accident, I got carried away) into something bigger. I'm still under the impression it's only really background music. Let me know what you think. This was the last version i put to MP3 so I'm going back through it now to 'clean it up'
  7. Hiroshima

    Hello everyone, So I tried to catch the peacefull, but at the sime time sad/ not quite right aura of Hiroshima, and played around with tempo and arpeggios. I'm fairly new to composing so feel free to give any kind of advice, critics or comments. Enjoy
  8. Winter

    Think snow, vast, white-covered meadows of snow ...
  9. Hey! It's a pretty short improvisation but I hope you will get a kick out of it anyway. ;) https://youtu.be/zZMdt0NM6iA Have a good day! Thank you for watching! :)
  10. Hey everyone! Can you please check out my new composition? Sheet music still needs some clean up, adding letters etc. What I'm most concerned about is piano part. What do you think about it? Also, maybe there is someone who would like to test this out? Any feedback appreciated! Thank you!
  11. This a short piece I recently finished after digging up an old theme. As the name implies, it is strongly influenced by Schubert's famous Moment Musical in F minor as well and is structured similarly though I wonder if it is too influenced by the Schubert's work. I kind of got lazy with the ending, I hope to come up with a better one. Score is attached but as always, is a little rough.
  12. Hi, this time I've wanted compose an easy and short peaceful piano music in order to relax your mind. Could you listen it and give me some advice and your personal point of view? Share the video with every you want! Good listening and Relax! :)
  13. Hello! I'm new to these forums but it looks like my kind of place! I just wrote a new piece for piano called, "Happy Days", and would love some feedback. I have had very little formal training, just a theory class back in high school. I learned from my grandparents and self-study. This is supposed to mimic the style of one of my favorite composers, Jon Schmidt, but mainly it's supposed to sound happy. I have some other pieces on my YouTube page if you want to hear more! Thanks! Video Link: Sheet Music Link: https://musescore.com/user/26861998/scores/4800085
  14. I'm a bit lost with this one. It needs work i know, i'm just not sure where to take it once I've brought the main theme back in around 3:45, carry on building it up bigger? Strip it right back? Any ideas on instrumentation etc very welcome...
  15. 80's pop song contemporary classical re-make

    Hey everyone! This piece is something unusual to me, as I was always writing my original music, but this time I made a re-make of a 80's pop song which was a major hit in Slovak radios back then. I have been asked by the artist himself-Peter Nagy, to do a different version, something in the romantic/movie piano style of my other compositions from the album that I gifted to him, and so I gladly agreed and here's the result. You can also listen to the original 80's version by Peter Nagy here. On the top there's the original version and down below there's my version. I hope you'll like it! P.S. my version is also included on my debut piano album which you can listen to or buy here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina
  16. Piano Sad

    Hi just did this piece I wanted to do in an 8 bit style and would like to have feedback, Its not finished yet as I want to mess with the dynamics some more but what do you think?
  17. O Holy Night arrangement

    A couple of friends asked me to combine the choral harmonization that one had created with a bass solo section for the other to sing and add an accompaniment for "O Holy Night." Here's what I came up with. I don't usually do arrangements, but it was kind of fun to have an assignment: use these choral parts, use this solo, put it all in this key, I like the accompaniment from this other arrangement, can you do something like that? But fancier? It feels a little plain... Hopefully to be sung at a couple of Christmas concerts by the group that the choral parts harmonizer guy directs and the other guy is doing the solo. (: Oh Holy Night.mid
  18. My first ever completed composition from March 2017.
  19. Not so (The Dancer)

    Hi I'm writing a series of short pieces as examples for several entires I'm doing in a blog about all the ways of modulation (as far as I know). And there are many... In this one, I use enharmonic modulation by French augmented sixth, and by augmented triads (bIII+) in minor modes. So, I have to stay tonal for a while I made a video, too. not so happy - SCORE.pdf
  20. Lament in D#

    A short piano piece. Finished 26 August 2017 Also terrible GarageBand midi sounds
  21. A simple piano piece called Lit in Darkness with an animated score. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  22. Trio for Violin, French Horn and Piano

    A very short piece (I'm wondering if I could make it longer) for Violin, French Horn and Piano.
  23. Rain & Trees

    I just composed this piece, when I was too tired at work. So, I decided to complete it before leaving the office. I really like it, because it has a sense of depression and sadness, hidden in different layers of sounds (Jungle ambient, industrial drone, piano & drums, flutes...)
  24. I'd love to get your feedback. This is like a sweet lullaby, but with contemporary sounds and melody.
  25. Cadenza Ideas?

    Hello I'm writing a piano concerto and I have got to the cadenza. I am stuck with what to do with it. Do they have certain distinguishing features and do they have to be in the tonic key?