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This is Marcel Gherman alias Megatone, a musician, jouralist,  and science-fiction and fantasy prose writer from Moldova. I am a two times winner of the Writers Union of Moldova Award. I wish to present you my album Realms of The Cosmic Tree, in the style of old school Japanese fantasy RPG games. The album is inspired by my science-fiction modular novel Multiverse and my cycle of fantasy prose Chroinicles of Pandava. Last track on the album is a short fragment from an audiobook based on my fantasy story The Path to Avalonia. Enjoy!


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Couple things I notice as recurring themes:
1. I am so thankful you're attempting to get modulations in to keep the audience engaged. It's so important that something not continue on the same way the entire time... a concept I call "repeated time". However, some of the tones you use to do so clash with the old set of chords so it sounds a little bit awkward when you go to the new chord. 
2. Kind of building on 1, but especially present in track No. 1, I feel like sometimes you move on from ideas a little bit too quickly. Those modulations I was talking about, don't happen too often, but get pretty close, just as an example. Musical ideas including motifs, atmosphere, and timbre should take some time to settle in before moving on, or it's a bit overwhelming.

Generally nice work, though! Nice to listen to.

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