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Neusonics Season 1 Arrangement For Piano And Harpsichord Part 1


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"Fully supported by a seasoned staff of local Jacksonville improvising musicians, the [neu]Sonics Music Initiative is designed to promote the teaching and advancement of Freely Improvised and Creative Music; each contributing instructor has ample experience in the field of improvised jazz, sound structure, and composition, enabling the student a full grasp of how to further develop their individual voice on an instrument of limitless possibilities; each series will focus on the general importance and methodology of how to incorporate the study of free improvisation, as well as specific ways to dictate how the techniques can be applied to interactive large group participation. Individual technique and development will be highly addressed, and attention can be applied to each student with options for private lessons, to help better refine their personal creative expectations. The importance of this particular form of all-inclusive, and highly collaborative series of music educational programming, cannot be understated." 


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Section at 1:13 is incredibly jarring and loses a lot of the "development" you were wanting to get out of the first part. The fact it jumps back in is also strange. Not once, but twice. That's just really strange section development.
Although once it hits its stride around 4:00 the converging with the electric soprano melody makes more sense. But it was a weird way to get to that.
Same criticism happens with the harpsichord jump in.

I can sense the ideas you want to put out there and they're connected, but I wouldn't say they were by development. Technique seems okay except for the weird dynamic shifts in the harpsichord sometimes. Electronics were a generally nice touch.

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