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Neoclassical Overture in D Major

Aria Donn

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I wrote this a few years ago and I still think it's one of my best works. I initially planned on writing a symphony, but I ran into writers block during the 2nd movement and decided to just release movement 1 as a standalone overture. (I eventually did complete a full 4-movement symphony a few months ago, but not based at all on this material, nor in the same key.)

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A lot of really harshly clashing tones that don't resolve all throughout this piece. Examples:

:11, poor resolution of higher voice tones.
:15, poor resolution of higher voice tones.
:17, this would be okay if it shot off to something else but it doesn't... it goes right back to the same atmosphere.
:23, clarinet A# is a bad resolving tone.

One needs to understand regular classicism to understand neoclassicism, there's just a lot of modulations, rather than a proper sustained line through the whole thing. Prokofiev's Classical Symphony is a must for you to listen to.
There's also a lot of repeated material which does get tiring after a little bit. Think of it like a rondo where the A theme is there and comes back, but isn't overwhelming.


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A fun little piece. Though I think there was some confusion in that if the peace wanted to be classical (as in Mozart, Haydn) or neoclassical (think Stravinsky or early Prokofiev).....it sounded more classical to me. Either way, for the first 3-4 minutes, the material was TOO repetitive. The last few minutes were a little more interesting since you did a mini-developmental thing.

If you want, you can post a score so we can comment more on your orchestration and other things in greater detail. 

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