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"He's a Villain"

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I submit to you my first piece to be reviewed. I wrote this piece sometime last year when I tried to compose an orchestral piece every month. Supriringly (not really) it all became too much to handle. I would love to get opinions on this so I could perhaps apply them to future pieces.

Thank you

Tony B

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Sections built nicely and in nearly all of the sections all parts were clear. the only one that wasn't clear was the section with the synth involved as it took over the mix in a mainly due to the distortion making it harder to hear other things which were adding so much more. Its a nice idea to help change the the piece up and make it more interesting but i would've liked it to be kept in the piece as it progressed further especially with how prominent it was.

The only other thing I feel i can comment on is the harmony which at some points like 1:11 portrayed uplifting and fulfilling emotions which i wouldn't usually associate with a villain, although I am only going from the title here and you might of been trying to present something completely different. 

I would like to comment more on how your melodies and rhythms interacted but i dont really feel qualified, so all i can say is they were great.

Thanks, Rowan.

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This is good and it made me feel like I was facing the final boss of a game. When I heard the choir and the overall sound it immediately made me think of Sephiroth's theme One-Winged Angel. 

That said the only thing that struck me as odd was the synth I felt like it was out of place and took away from that heart racing feeling. Perhaps the synth wouldn't have been as bad if it used a different effect and sound, but the buzz saw sound didn't really match. 

The ending was a big confusing as well  but overall this was indeed a real joy to listen to. Curious what choir did you use? I think having the choir say different phrases here, in my personal opinion, would've really brought out the theme you wanted a lot more.

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