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Hi all,

I'm learning a little bit more about the equipment I'm using and about "mastering" my sounds. I studied music education in school, not composition or music technology of mastering, so this is a first for me. Tips about what you hear? For example, I'm not sure what caused the clicks in the lower strings...


Gustav Johnson

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Overall, it's very nice and flows well. I couldn't help but hum a melody as it played haha.

Far as mastering, I think the strings are fine. The release on those are good as well but I will say I would probably allow the longer sustained chord towards the ends there to fade out then quickly fade back into the next chord.

I would also slightly cut out the unwanted bass frequency coming from the glockenspiels and add more reverb on them. It would also be a good idea to pan each individual note from the glockenspiels to either the left or right side for a nice stereo effect; slightly pan the single sustained notes in the chords as well for a nice spread.

Lastly, I wouldn't have every note from either instrument on the same volume. For the glockenspiel I would make one note a higher volume than the next and make a few with a slightly lower volume and leave a few sort of in between. Same with the chords as well. When mastering without live instruments you would want the sound to be as organic as possible as if they're being played during a live performance.

Offsetting is also a huge help. When offsetting everything won't start and end at the exact same time which will help it sound not so robotic you know?

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