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Lazarus, A Peasant's Song

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Lazarus: I tried some different things here rhythmically here. Also, I wanted to fuse jazz and concert band together.  I'll go back and add a long improv section in here to keep the economy going.  


The opening misterioso delineates the pain and hunger of Lazarus as the night is storming as he has no food or home.  He prays to God of his torment and wishes for food.  The all the hope is has to be with his Heavenly Father.  He falls asleep and waits for the new day.

The pizzicato bass enters, Lazarus is begging for money and food.  The rich man (along with other people) ignores him constantly.  After this happens repeatedly, the rich man scolds him (as the soaring french horns enters with melody in measure 59.)

After the final discourse, the peasant dies (measure 75.) Abraham appears to him (measure 82) and tells him "Welcome home!"

 The rich man then dies and the dark angels then take him to him to Hell.  He finds himself in agony and begs to Abraham  for his family to be notified of his transgressions  and for cool water from Lazarus(measure 94).  Abraham then proclaims ,, WEB.

Lazarus rejoices in being in Heaven, falling at the feet of the Lord Almighty, the God of Abraham.

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Your story sounds very pessimistic and sad but I don't necessarily get that vibe from the music. I get more of a...Jim Carey's The Mask type of vibe. Amazing idea to fuse jazz with a concert band however because it meshes fairly well together and gives its own unique sound which is always a plus in my eyes.

I was once told by a wonderful teacher that telling stories ruins the experience for the listener but during the brighter parts of your story I can see where that may shine through in the music but the only part I thought fit the sad part of your story was the beginning.

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I like this.  I too, didn't really hear the story, but no matter; it's still a great piece of music.

Question;  Do you hate low brass players?lol  The run in the B tbone in m23?  Seems to be a bit ambitious for all but very accomplished players imo.  Well written none the less.

It is a nice fusion of ensemble and style.


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