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John H White

Best Sound Fonts

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Could someone please suggest to me the most authentic sounding orchestral instrument sound fonts? The music software I use is Sibelius 7.13 and I'm wondering if there is a more accurate alternative to Sibelius Sounds.



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I moved this thread into a more appropriate forum, but I might be able to help you here.  I personally like Symphonic Orchestra, the strings and woodwinds are not bad sounding.  For piano if interested, you might want to check out the Black Grand.  I used this one personally for my pieces when I used to compose.

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I am a bit late, but maybe this may be useful for other people in case you already bought one.

The best current brands to me for Symphonic sounds are Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools. From those, the Spitfire's Symphonic Strings are top notch, the best out there in my opinion. For Woodwinds, Orchestral Tools and their Berlin Woodwinds is top notch. For brass not sure, but I read that people preferred Orchestral Tools for brass over Spitfire.

The problem: they are expensive... but this is the most authentic thing in my opinion.

Orchestral Strings: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/instruments/strings/spitfire-symphonic-strings/

Chamber Strings: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/instruments/strings/spitfire-chamber-strings/

Woodwinds: http://orchestraltools.com/libraries/berlin_woodwinds.php

For woodwind soloists, check the expansion to the Berlin Woodwinds.

And just for the record, for solo violin: Bohemian violin is amazingly realistic. You cannot do everything, but what you can do will sound extremely realistic.

Good luck! :)

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