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I've never composed before but I decided to give it a try this afternoon. This piece is odd I admit, but I love bizarre 20th century music. It was written based on the town I grew up in. I assigned a specific note to each letter of the town/province I grew up in by random selection and then used it as a continuous motif throughout the entire piece in the soprano line. I then based the rest of the composition on specific elements of my town ie. old French folk songs, the train, the prairie winds, change of seasons, nature, and the emptiness of prairie winters. I hope you enjoy it!

*Thank you for your comment. I've temporarily taken down the midi file and will re-upload a file that is more accommodating.



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Re-worked the piece
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MIDI files are normally harder for our members to open. If you have other ways of sharing the piece, it would be much appreciated. What I'm getting from the extraction I don't think is what you intended to write. 
For a first composition, I think you have a clear vision of what you wanted to accomplish, which is great, so let's start with just a couple things that I think stood out to me the most.
*Crossed voices are used too frequently. We keep things concise in their temporal ranges because it lets the voices come out as intended. It's a little obscured here.
*It can be even more fluid! Even in its skeletal form, I think I can extrapolate that the chord transitions can be done more smoothly. This can be done by focusing on the bass voice and how it moves and supports each chord within a nice tessitura and support the voice leading. Looking up "cactus firmus" forms would be useful to guide you.
Good luck to you on this wonderful journey you're beginning to take! :)

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