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An experimental draft following the theme of the last piece I posted and meant to symbolise the first moon mission. If I go ahead with the full piece I aim to add some video footage too, with the first section accompanying the build up and launch and the second section being the astronauts stepping out of the lander on to the moon itself. Perhaps with a sample of the famous quote "That's one small step for a man, One giant leap for mankind" placed between the two sections? Any thought's or ideas welcomed! 

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In every 4th bar, the melody should have at least a resolution note; don't know why it cuts out.
I can see repeating the chord progression in terms of building something up, but it should also be growing in terms of dynamic and texture throughout.
Doesn't really feel like a journey to me...? A lot of buildup that doesn't end particularly satisfyingly. I'd say that if you were to sample that, it should be after this sort of cacophonous buildup, with the tension either peaking or relaxing.
I think for such a good premise, this track deserves more. It's definitely a good start as a buildup, but needs to travel somewhere, so to speak. ;)


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