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ALCHEMIST by String Audio. Out Now!


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String Audio Brand New Kontakt library Alchemist Bundle intro price $119 (reg price $148) until march 25.

"To my composers/musicians friends - I rarely write about music libraries or other music tech things - but I felt I just HAVE to share with you in details all about these 2 brand new libraries I just got! I'm so excited.
They are called Alchemist Cinematic Textures and Alchemist Impacts.
I must say that these are the most innovative libraries I have ever worked with, and I worked with many so far…
Alchemist combines the simplicity and
user friendly system with one of the mostpowerful and revolutionary audio  engine I ever worked with.
Every single patch is made out of 6 (!)
sub patches that can be easily maneuvered in so many ways. Almost any aspect of the sounds including the built in effects can be controlled and automate in real time, which make each patch a whole independent sonic world.
It also built in a way that you can load FROM the library any patch without going back the Kontact to choose it. All the patches are available INSIDE the main engine, which makes the
work flow
so much easier and faster.
But – for me – the best part is the actual sounds and how they are designed. They are so cleverly crafted that they can totally stand on their own, or be a part of a big score and complement it beautifully. It is a work of art!
I must admit that I am not the typical technological advance composer – and thus these libraries present the best solution for a massive array of sounds that are ready to go, as well as the easiest system that allows me to change and maneuver every sound. 
From great percussive loops to and amazing pads and textures – Alchemist is my perfect solution for a fast but advanced creation of dynamic and modern sounding score.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!"  INON ZUR -  3 Times BAFTA Nominated and Multi Award Winner Composer (Fallout, Crysis, Syberia 3) 


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