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Found 6 results

  1. Not sure where to post this (on & off the site as I finish my degree in Illustration/Visual Communication Design this year) but I was wondering if anyone knew how to export FL Studio to .mp3 without it muting/cutting out the VSTs. I constantly have the issue of adding all the instruments that I would like, sounds normal, then after exporting to .mp3, I test the .mp3 version and find it muted/cut out some (of not most) of the VSTs in the final exported piece. It sounds normal in FL Studio (sometimes it still cuts out when playing back the piece in FL Studio - but the issue is guaranteed on export). This is likely a simple fix, but I'm not sure how to solve this issue. I don't create elaborate pieces (as I am self taught and still learning the process), but I'm wondering if there is any way I can salvage the music piece I have created at this point... It is only 1-2min long... and I would like to continue building on it. If you would like to know the VSTs that give me the most issues they are Symphonic Orchestra and Kontakt player. I am using FL Studio 10 (extended memory). Also, If I understand correctly, FL Studio only allows around 4 RAM of room for me to create a music piece - if that is even a factor in the related issue. Let me know if I can provide more info. Like I said, I'm not sure if this fits in this forum, but since I use the VSTs, i figured perhaps someone might be able to help... Thanks! Karisa L. Clark
  2. Hey, could someone tell me a bit about their experience with libraries, that use "high strings" and "low strings" patches instead of sperate patches per instrument. I'm especially curious about Albion One. The idea seems weird to me. Thx
  3. Composite sketches throughout my life. Softwares: Finale, Kontakt, Cinebrass PRO, The Giant Piano, EWQL Symphony Orchestra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2A4N1s8a98
  4. String Audio Brand New Kontakt library Alchemist Bundle intro price $119 (reg price $148) until march 25. "To my composers/musicians friends - I rarely write about music libraries or other music tech things - but I felt I just HAVE to share with you in details all about these 2 brand new libraries I just got! I'm so excited.They are called Alchemist Cinematic Textures and Alchemist Impacts.I must say that these are the most innovative libraries I have ever worked with, and I worked with many so far…Alchemist combines the simplicity and user friendly system with one of the mostpowerful and revolutionary audio engine I ever worked with. Every single patch is made out of 6 (!)sub patches that can be easily maneuvered in so many ways. Almost any aspect of the sounds including the built in effects can be controlled and automate in real time, which make each patch a whole independent sonic world. It also built in a way that you can load FROM the library any patch without going back the Kontact to choose it. All the patches are available INSIDE the main engine, which makes thework flow so much easier and faster. But – for me – the best part is the actual sounds and how they are designed. They are so cleverly crafted that they can totally stand on their own, or be a part of a big score and complement it beautifully. It is a work of art! I must admit that I am not the typical technological advance composer – and thus these libraries present the best solution for a massive array of sounds that are ready to go, as well as the easiest system that allows me to change and maneuver every sound. From great percussive loops to and amazing pads and textures – Alchemist is my perfect solution for a fast but advanced creation of dynamic and modern sounding score. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!" INON ZUR - 3 Times BAFTA Nominated and Multi Award Winner Composer (Fallout, Crysis, Syberia 3) STRING AUDIO
  5. Output is excited to announce SUBSTANCE, a completely new breed of bass engine built for the modern producer, composer, musician and sound designer. Combining heavily processed electric and acoustic basses, real brass sections, the dirtiest analog synths, and insane sound design, SUBSTANCE is a deeply produced bass engine making sounds unlike anything else. The engine combines three layers of sources and blends them together with layer and global FX, filters, modulation, an advanced arpeggiator, flux control and macros. “Our goal with SUBSTANCE was to create a bass engine that was not focused on emulation, but rather, on pushing the envelope with creative and powerful new sounds," says Output Founder Gregg Lehrman. “It's our most sophisticated engine to date and you can really get a sense of that from the first note.” Hear SUBSTANCE at output.com Price: $199 SUBSTANCE Features: A playable instrument with 300 presets Powerful new 3-layer engine Preset menu with smart tagging Layer FX and global FX 4 central macro sliders unique to each preset Advanced arpeggiator Monophonic and Legato modes Built-in help menu Rhythm page that syncs to tempo
  6. AudioThing releases Pipes for Kontakt 3.5+! Pipes is a collection of instruments derived from a variety of cardboard tubes, aluminum spray cans, dreamcatchers, and PVC pipes. Even if the pitch of most of the sources is not stable, almost each instrument is tuned and playable with the keyboard. Each instrument features from 3 to 5 Round Robin samples and up to 3 velocity layers (usually cross-faded). One of the main instruments is a sampled Wah Wah Tube (aka Vibratone): bell-like sound with a very long release and a dedicated control for overtones. There are a couple of sound designed patches derived from the original instruments along with Kontakt Multis ready to play. Introduction Price: $7 (goes $9 on April 6th) Specifications - 17 Kontakt Instruments (.nki) - 6 Kontakt Multis (.nkm) - 3-5 Round Robin samples - Up to 3 Velocity layers - 139 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit) - Size: 175 MB installed - Formats: Kontakt and WAV - Custom performance view Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5+ full version is required Demo: http://soundcloud.co...ing/sets/pipes/ Product page: http://www.audiothin...truments/pipes/
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