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Cold Planet

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The major seventh Neapolitan chords were a nice touch at the beginning. The advantage of doing it in major rather than minor, I'd say.
Going from a major IV chord in the minor one key can be awkward if not handled correctly and I think that's the main thing I hear that's a little strange in this way. Sometimes you compliment it with an augmented 6th chord or a V chord and it sounds great, but the chords in combination with the melody makes that particular jump sound a little stilted.
The middle section kind of stayed that way frozen for a while and wanted to go forward but didn't. I know that could have been done on purpose (harmonic repression is a great way to make an audience uncomfortable) but compared to everything else it just felt a bit weird.
You're generally really good at combining your melody with interesting chords and sounds, which I definitely respect. 

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