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One of the many areas encompassed by my nerddom is Star Wars.  When I was younger, I read a lot of the Expanded Universe books and would often make up soundtrack music in my head while reading.  About ten years ago I decided to try writing soundtracks for Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy.  I finished book 1, Heir to the Empire, but the project has lain in abeyance for some time now.  Recently, though, I've started working on book 2 again, and I realized I had never shared my Heir to the Empire music here.


This is long, but I decided to upload the whole thing; feel free to skip around.  It starts and ends with the usual John Williams main title/end credits formulas, and some of John Williams's themes are used fairly liberally throughout, but by far the bulk of it is new music.  Alas, I have no scores, as I wrote this directly in my sequencer.  I was fortunate enough to have someone offer to make some album art for the soundtrack; this design is by Bob Akers: Front Cover   Back Cover


Any comments or criticisms would be much appreciated, particularly as I am currently working on the follow-up score.  Thanks!

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Very cool.   I loved these books as a kid and always thought they would work well as movies.  So far from what I've listened, this would work great as a soundtrack with a nice integration of John Williams' music in an original presentation.  Good luck with the rest of the trilogy, this is quite an ambitious project!

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I think it's a good study in the style of John Williams (something I've yet to do myself). A lot of it really is beautiful. Even for a study though, I always try to make a point to intermix styles for comparison's sake. Helps you learn what's different.
The thing I remember really not liking was the Klangfarbenmelodie section in No. 6, where the fast part starts. This part just wasn't nearly as well orchestrated as the rest of the music. Not enough harmonic support or percussion support, in my opinion.
Good luck!

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