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Summer 2017, Trailer Orchestration Challenge #2

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We're going to try another one of these alongside our Normal Summer Competition for our soundtrack composers here! We're holding another "Evolution" competition, where you take the song of this month's competition, in this case, The Trailer for the Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess, and re-orchestrate it using instruments found in orchestral or exotic settings. The link to the original song can be found below:


1. Must be a member of the Young Composer's Forum to participate.
2. There are no limits to instrumentation, but you are going to want to pick instruments that provide the best rendition of the original music.
3. You must have some sort of visual notation, MIDI okay, and AUDIO FILE submitted to completely enter your work in the competition, preferably, layered on top of the trailer already.
4. Because scores are not required, your knowledge of orchestration and instrument limitation will be important. 

Purpose and Expectations: 
 Write a score that accompanies the visuals in this intro. It should try to invoke the same sort of adventurous feeling as the original score. /10
2. Synching is not easy. I'll accept some issues with synching, but in general the music should match the scene/10
3. Does it sound like this could be played in real life? In other words, does the orchestration seem feasible? /10
4. All entries will be played for a person who has not played the game before and also has little formal music education. Did you get them excited to play the game? /10

TOTAL: /40

Note: Sound effects in the original cutscene will not be taken into account. 

Entrants will signal their intent to enter by responding to the comment thread on this topic. 

TOTAL: /40

Deadline: You may post your submissions here, by August 28th. Please post the link to the in-site location to listen, as to not have the autoplay feature set off.

There is only ONE other judging spot open. Please signal your judging intent statement in the comments to this post.

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