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A first try at orchestral scoring

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Cool! Couple things:
Opening section around :27, when you have the second part of the period, I would advise against creating a leap to the tritone for your resolution; feels a little bit stilted, but carries on well enough despite it.
EDIT: As the piece went along this tritone jump sounded a lot better, maybe just change the orchestration in the beginning to cover up the incomplete feeling just a tad.
In the section after that your violins go from D -> F# which pulls the ear away from the natural want for a seventh or a diminished altered 5th to resolve down. It's not wrong by any means but the ear wants to hear it go to C#. The fact you repeated it helps it in the way it is though!
Great use of chromaticism in the section following!
1:29 - octave jumps that fast in the clarinet or bass clarinet aren't exactly ideal. Fifths are fine, like in the bassoon.
The mixing on this one is a little weird. The last section I hear as super epic and awesome with an altered chord with the III (SO COOL), but it's still super quiet. Don't be afraid to use a full dynamic range; it's what gets us attached.
Also I think you don't need the trumpet holdover on the last note; just end it with the short finale note finish, maybe with some higher string notes (tonic, maybe?) and it ends with the same energy it started.
Great work with this.

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