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Very interesting and cool stuff. 
When the electric guitar sound comes in around the :40 second mark, perhaps it could have more reverb on it or softer or something to make it blend in a little more? It kind of stood out until the more rhythmic part since it wasn't predicated and everything before it was wonderfully atmospheric.
Only other thing would be know what your intent with the work was. Because if it was meant for more practical purposes, throwing in a little something else to variate the piece would have been nice just for the audience's sake. Maybe an F∆7M9 chord instead of just the 7th or something.
It's really good though. Calming but engaging.

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@Monarcheon Thank you, I will look into that. You might be on to something :) It was originally written for an idea as commercial, this is a rewrite of that piece. Don't know if the variation is need in the form since its ambiant and short in duration. But I agree that variation would be beneficial in harmony. Good point!

@Luis Hernández Hello Mr. Hernandez!  Thank you for listening and for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the song! Nice website you got there, enjoyed your nocturnes :)

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Nice work..  I like Monarcheon's idea.  I found the sound of the drums a bit 'conflicting'.. The sound of the kick, too loud, too big for the piece. and the noise substituting for a hihat was distracting to me. Often with a piece like this, I shorten the duration of some drums, so they are not as 'intrusive'...   

That's only my taste though..  For other listeners, it might not be an issue...  Often when I do a piece (using MIDI in Logic Pro)..  I go thru some of the instrument sounds I've already done.  (I record in MIDI and create an audio track - but always keep the midi of course, if you want to make changes later)..  I might change some of the sounds, particularly drums.. There is a plug-in 'Drumagog' and Steven Slates 'Trigger' which are drum replacement plug-ins..  you put them on an audio track (obviously only of 1 drum, say kick..  If the track is midi, you can of course do the drums over with as many drum kits as you have available.. 

Just my observation..  Welcome and post more..  good job..   

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