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Project for Silmarillion Music

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HI everyone! I have taken the attempt of making an original soundtrack for the Silmarillion, a book by J.R.R Tolkien. Note, I don't own any rights to the J.R.R Tolkien company and in no ways I am related or associated with the films address either. This is merely for fun and for hype. Thanks!

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So because there's no timestamps for me and you don't have a score I'm going to have to describe what I mean using terms. 
Somewhere in the beginning there was a Bb in the middle of your V chord which sounded way off.
The canon in the D minor section needed to have more backup, otherwise it sounds comparatively weaker. 
Having your main melody start in traditional terms and end in octaves is also a bit off.
The second to last note with the minor second interval between the 7th and tonic is cool but needs to be backed up by something else (split horns, maybe?) or else it just sounds wrong. 
Your modulations in here are generally really good, it could just use a little more energy, but maybe that was just the mixing. 

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