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Maya M.    1

Hi everyone. I'm a composer who mainly writes piano and concert band music. 

Here is something that I have been working on. Please give me some critique if you have it, especially about the string parts because I don't know much about writing for them.

Thanks in advance for listening! Hope you like it!


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ilv    32

Had no problems playing the music.
Good job overall. A few things to look at:
0:15, and this applies when this figure reappears: F-sharp2 to C2 is a musically awkward jummp, consider D2 instead
0:18: D2 to A2, musically awkward jump, consider E2 instead
0:23: A doesn't belong in E minor chord
0:42 and 0:48: D doesn't belong in C major chord, consider E instead
0:44 and 0:49: C doesn't fit in this context, consider B instead
1:43: A doesn't belong, consider G instead

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