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Zimmer: Gladiator - ''Now We Are Free''

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Hello everybody,

Most of the time I listen to classical music and not to film music, because I find classical music more interesting. However, there are many film soundtracks which bring a lot of emotions.
When I watched Gladiator for the first time, I cried at the end of the film. The music seems to say ''you have fulfilled your task on earth, you may now rest in the hereafter.''
At the same time the music contains tragedy.

I wanted to share this music with you all to be sure you don't miss this beautiful masterpiece.
What do you think of the music?


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This score is a classic. Probably my favorite part is the stuff in the last portion of the track called "Barbarian Horde". Hans Zimmer is a master at this. He seriously knows how to create music that moves a visual along and milks out every emotion that is represented, but in doing so he also writes some really legit music that holds its own in a concert setting. His idea for Inception was brilliant. His recent score to Dunkirk is not as well suited for concert as it isn't really music in the sense of melody and development, but man it sure is effective. It is one of the most intensely incredible uses of scoring music I have heard. REALLY glues all the insanity of the switching back and forth of the three different aspects of that storyline together in a way really never done before. Of course, Driving Miss Daisy, Lion King, DaVinci Code, Batman/Dark Knight trilogy, Crimson Tide, Thin Red Line, Black Hawk Down, Interstellar, and you kind of have to also include Pirates, etc. are all classics. Gladiator is close up there to the top.

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